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Black Bass

smallmouth, largemouth and spotted bass

Smallmouth BassLargemouth BassSpotted Bass 

Fish for Bass

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Bass - Fisheries management

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Caught in PA

Smallmouth Bass
Aaron, age 6, with an 18 inch Smallmouth Bass caught on the Juniata River using a madtom (aka stonecat). 

Largemouth Bass
Jared Rose, age 8, of Hallstead, Susquehanna County, caught this nice Largemouth Bass on a tip-up on a private pond near Montrose on 1-29-2008. This is the first fish Jared caught through the ice. The fish was caught during a family ice fishing and ice skating outing on a private pond near Montrose.

Smallmouth Bass
Ben Page from our Lake Habitat Crew had a nice day on the Juniata River in July 2014

Largemouth Bass
Ernie Yates of Rome, PA, with a 20 inch Largemouth Bass taken at a private pond near LeRaysville, PA (Bradford County)