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State Fish Hatchery

Cumberland County

Originally constructed in 1932, the Huntsdale State Fish Hatchery is situated on approximately 80 developed acres (167 total acres) of land owned by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and managed by the Fish and Boat Commission.

Water supply to the facility is obtained primarily from multiple springs for coldwater (trout) culture and from a creek for warm/coolwater culture.

Concrete raceways are used for trout production using intensive culture technology. Pond rearing (extensive culture) and indoor intensive culture of warm/coolwater fish also occurs on site.

Huntsdale Brochure
Open House 2017 Highlights


Open House 2017
Raising Trout: 10-minute, 60-minute
Trout Spawning


    • Employees: 10 full-time, 3 wage/seasonal
    • Average Trout Production: 461,280 lbs.
    • Visitor Center: Yes
    • Average Annual Visitors: 5,000