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Career Opportunities With the PFBC (WEB ONLY)
Describes some of the career opportunities in the Fish and Boat Commission and how these positions are filled. Also includes information on volunteer opportunities.
Minimum grade level: HS

Fish Scale Sketch (FACT SHEET)
General info on the PFBC
Minimum grade level: MS

Great White Fleet (WEB ONLY)
Fact sheet on stocking trucks and how the Commission stocks trout.
Minimum grade level: ES

PA State Fish Hatcheries: Engines for Rural Economic Development (WEB ONLY)
Overview of PA hatcheries and how they support PA's economy.
Minimum grade level: HS

Pleasant Gap State Fish Hatchery's 100th Anniversary (WEB ONLY)
History of the Pleasant Gap hatchery.
Minimum grade level: MS

Pleasant Mount State Fish Hatchery's 100th Anniversary (WEB ONLY)
History of the Pleasant Mount hatchery.
Minimum grade level: MS

The Toolbox: Electrofishing (FACT SHEET)
How PFBC uses electrofishing equipment to catch fish and conduct fish studies.
Minimum grade level: ES

The Toolbox: Fish Tagging (FACT SHEET)
Explanation on how the PFBC uses various tags to mark fish, and how data is used.
Minimum grade level: ES

The Toolbox: Trap Nets (FACT SHEET)
Why and how trap nets are used by the PFBC.
Minimum grade level: ES


Coming Back: The American Shad Restoration Story (VHS)
Provides an overview of Fish and Boat Commission efforts to restore American shad and other anadromous fish to the Susquehanna and Delaware River Basins.
Minimum grade level: MS

From Egg to Creel: Pennsylvania's Trout (DVD/35 Minutes)
Video explaining how the PFBC provides trout fishing opportunities through Trout management, Trout production and Trout fishing opportunities in Pa.
Minimum grade level: MS-HS

From Egg to Creel: The Story of a Walleye (DVD/8 Minutes)
How walleye are raised at PFBC hatcheries.
Minimum grade level: MS