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Tamarack LAKE

Located in Crawford County, Tamarack Lake is a 562-acre reservoir located 3 miles southeast of Meadville. The lake is owned by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and maintained by the Fish and Boat Commission for public fishing and boating. The reservoir is unique because there are dams at both ends of the reservoir with a shallow area in the middle. Maximum depth in the lake is only about 13 feet.

February 2017 - Tamarack is currently drawn down, updates at


Commonwealth Inland Waters regulations apply for all other species of fish.

The Commission historically has stocked the lake with Muskellunge and Walleye fingerling.


Boating is limited to boats powered by electric motors and un-powered boats. Seven launch ramps are available along with associated parking facilities.

Un-powered boats may be moored at the lake in accordance with Commission property regulations. To be used at the lake, boats must be registered or have a valid launch permit (permits are issued by the Commission or PA Dept. of Conservation and Natural Resources).

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