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September/October 2011 Angler & Boater

Feature articles

Harvest Fall Crappies of the Deep by Jeff Knapp

Tying the Dahlberg Diver by Charles R. Meck

Surf Fishing for Steelhead by Mike Bleech (PDF)

Fall Wild Trout by John Allen (PDF)

Of Frogs, Toads & Bass by Darl Black

Bowfishing: Some Like It Low-tech by Linda Steiner

Pike on the Fly by Carl Haensel

Key Locations for River Walleyes by Vic Attardo (PDF)

Musky Fishing in Autumn by Marilyn Black

Special features

Pennsylvania State-Record Fish (PDF)

2011 State-Fish Art Contest Winners (PDF)

2012 State-Fish Art Contest (PDF)

20th WCO Class Graduation by Spring Gearhart (PDF)

Marcellus Shale Impact on Pennsylvania by Timothy D. Schaeffer (PDF)

Fall PLAY Newsletter by Amidea Daniel and Chad Foster

Regular features

Straight Talk by Executive Director John A. Arway (PDF)

Your Fishing Field Guide by Carl Haensel

Reflecting on the Water by Ron Kuhn

Notes from the Stream


Angler’s Notebook by Jerry Bush

Fishin’ from the Kitchen by Wayne Phillips (PDF)

Cast & Caught