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September/October 2015 Angler & Boater

Feature articles

Fall River Fishing for Channel Catfish by Jeff Woleslagle (PDF)

Anatomy of a Predator by Carl Haensel (PDF)

Musky Mystique by Marilyn Black

When the Tackle Box is a Treasure Chest by Deborah Weisberg

Autumn Bass Opportunities by Chris Gorsuch (PDF)

Skimming Soft Plastics for River Smallmouth Bass by Vic Attardo

Central Pennsylvania Fall Trout Fishing by Jeff Knapp

Float Fishing the Youghiogheny River by Ben Moyer

The Ghost of the Monongahela River by Rob Criswell

Bluebird Day Pike by Mike Bleech

Special features

Making Big Strides with Muskellunge by Deborah Weisberg

First Kayak Fishing Programs Launched by Jeff Woleslagle (PDF)

Fish-for-Free Days are a Great Fishing Opportunity by Jennifer Bilott (PDF)

Experience Lake Erie Steelhead Fishing (PDF)

Pennsylvania State-Record Fish (PDF)

The Green Salamander (PDF)

Fall PLAY Newsletter by Chad Foster

2015 State-Fish Art Contest (PDF)

State Wildlife Action Plan: A Lifeline for the Commonwealth’s Imperiled Species by Diana Day (PDF)

Regular features

Straight Talk by Executive Director John A. Arway (PDF)

Notes from the Stream (PDF)

Reflecting on the Water by Ron Kuhn

Tying Together by Christian A. Shane

Your Fishing Field Guide by Carl Haensel


Angler’s Notebook by Jerry Bush

Fishin’ from the Kitchen by Wayne Phillips (PDF)

Cast & Caught