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NC Region Reports

REGION COUNTIES -- Cameron, Centre, Clearfield, Clinton, Elk, Jefferson, Lycoming, McKean, Montour, Northumberland, Potter, Snyder, Tioga, Union (County Guide)

August 16, 2017

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Centre County
Boating Updates
Sayers Lake: Boating activity has been moderate over the past week. All access areas are open. The lake above the Rt. 26 bridge has several partial submerged logs and tree branches. Water Skiers and tubers should use caution in this area.
Spring Creek & Bald Eagle Creek: Moderate unpowered kayak and canoe activity has been observed. Lower water conditions make some areas tough to navigate.
Black Moshannon Lake: Moderate unpowered boating activity has been observed. Heavy vegetation concentrates most activity into the central stream channel in the lake.
Fishing Updates
Sayers Lake:  Anglers have been doing well for crappies under the Rt. 26 causeway bridge. Most success has been using live minnows or twister tails. Channel Catfish have been reported in the upper sections of the lake on chicken liver in the evening hours. Bass has been reported fishing the submerged roadbeds.
Spring Creek & Lower Bald Eagle Creek: Success has been reported on both these area waters for trout and bass using a variety of flies and lures. Most success for bass has been in the lower stretches of the Bald Eagle near the dam.
Black Moshannon Lake: Anglers have reported some bass and perch on the end of weedbeds. Success has been reported with live minnows, rubber worms and spinners.  

August 09, 2017

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Centre County
Boating Report
Sayers Lake: Boating activity has been moderate over the past week. All access areas are in use. Boaters are reminded that no water skiing / tubing is permitted in Hunter Run Cove Area.
Black Moshannon Lake: Moderate unpowered activity was reported over the weekend.
Fishing Report
Sayers Lake: Anglers have been reporting Channel Catfish at Upper & Lower Greens Access areas in the evening hours. Best set up has been with chicken livers or nightcrawlers fished on a bottom rig in the coves. Crappies have also been reported in the causeway area using minnows or twistertails. Bass have been reported along the submerged roadbeds using a combination of rubberworms and spinnerbait.
Black Moshannon Lake:  Anglers have reported bass, pickerel and perch fishing from the shoreline around the pier. Most success has been with minnows or nightcrawlers. The edges of the weedbeds seem to produce the best results.
Spring Creek: Anglers have been reporting catching trout on all sections using a variety of dry flies, streamers, and live bait. The bite has been a bit slow due to some heavy rain in the area.
Penns Creek: Anglers have been reporting trout in the misc. special regulation sections from Coburn downstream. Anglers have been reporting success using a dryflies, spinners and live bait.
Potter County
Boating traffic has mostly been limited to lakes and larger streams as most streams are at seasonal low levels.  Pleasure boatrs, kayaks, canoes and fishing boats have all been active on the bigger lakes.
The fishing in the streams has remained productive however the fish have become a little more selective in their diet.  As the water warms they are heading for cooler or deeper waters.  The lakes have remained productive for bass and other warm water species.
Tioga County
With the cool summer, many stocked trout waters throughout the county have been experiencing extended use by many anglers. Pine Creek above the Canyon has been producing good numbers of stocked trout for anglers fishing night crawlers, fat head minnows, soft hackle flies and large streamers when the heavy rain falls occur.  Remember, trout seek out cold water refuge during the hot days of summer at the mouths of small cold-water tributaries.  If you plan on catching and releasing, try to avoid fishing for the trout congregated at the tributary mouths.
The Smallmouth Bass fishing on Pine Creek in all sections has also been very good if not excellent. Anglers have been having success using tubes of varying colors, crankbaits, live minnows and even top water flies. If you are an angler who enjoys fishing with crayfish, please review the regulations associated with use, possession and transport of this bait.
The Tioga River Spillway has been fishing very well. Anglers have been catching some very large Channel Catfish, bullheads, and walleye. Anglers are encouraged to take all littler (bottles, worm containers, FISHING LINE, etc….) accumulated during their fishing trip with them or place it in appropriate receptacles. The spillway also has a restricted area where anglers and boaters are prohibited to enter. Please be aware of this area and respect the prohibition of entry into this area.
Also, if you are a holder of a Venomous Snake Permit remember that the venomous snake season ended at the end of July and the mandatory report period is upon us. Please do not forget to submit your report card that comes with your Venomous Snake Permit.