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SE Region Reports

REGION COUNTIES -- Berks, Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Lancaster, Lehigh, Montgomery, Northampton, Philadelphia, Schuylkill (County Guide)

April 11, 2018

Bucks County

SE Photo 1 & 2
Caption: Lake Luxembourg, Neshaminy Creek (in Tyler State Park), and both sections of the Delaware Canal received an in-season trout stocking yesterday, 4/10/18.
Chester County
The crappie bite is on! Crappies are starting to come out of Octoraro Reservoir. Anglers are catching them fishing underneath the Bridge on Route 472, and along the Spruce Grove Road Bridge by fishing near the bridge structure using small minnows or fathead minnows fished deep under a pencil bobber, or by using traditional crappie baits. If using a minnow, keep changing the depth until you find the one that works.  The District WCO has measured 15 ½ inch crappie at Octoraro Reservoir in past years. Boat anglers are doing a bit better because they are better able to find the structure and locate a school. Boat rentals (rowboats are inexpensive to rent, it is the motor that makes it expensive), can be had at Octoraro Reservoir and Marsh Creek Reservoirs. Usually this time of year if you can find one fish, then you will find a bunch more with him.

Caption: Brook Trout Fingerlings about to be released into Pocopson Creek. Photo Credit: WCO Tom Benevento
Pocopson Creek. This is an educational event that allows the students to learn all about the importance of water quality, different types of streams, freestone and limestone, watersheds, and the different fish found in warm water versus cold water streams, and to learn about aquatic invertebrates. On release day, the students took the fingerling Brook Trout down to the Pocopson Creek, and each student received a Brook Trout in a clear plastic cup and after closely examining the fish for a few minutes they released the fish into the creek. Most of the students while examining the fish gave them a name. Some of the names heard were Nemo, Bubbles, Stripes, Gill, and Shamu. The school made a video of the release with the help of the official school drone. This is a wonderful opportunity for the students to learn all about the importance of protecting our environment and gives them a chance to get some hands-on experience in conservation. For more information on the program contact your local trout Unlimited chapter or go to the website at .
The Buck Run Section 2, the East Branch White Clay Creek Section 2 and the East Branch White Clay Creek Section 3 will be stocked with trout on Tuesday April 17. We will meet the big white stocking truck loaded with angling fun in the lane across from the Sadsburyville Post Office at 11:30 AM. Come on out and spend a day fishing and giving something back to the resource.

April 4, 2018
Berks County

SE Photo #1 and #2 Caption: Siblings Melissa and Dave caught some large trout on Regional Opening Day in Berks County!  Melissa’s fish was 20 inches out of Furnace Creek in Robesonia and Dave’s fish was 23+ inches out of Wyomissing Creek in Mohnton.
Bucks County
And so,
the trout season begins!  Thank you to all who have come out to help stock so far and thank you in advance to those planning to help during the in-season stockings.
On Mentored Youth Day and Regional Opening Day, anglers were successful using white, yellow, and chartreuse paste baits, as well as wax worms and even some spoons.  
In other fishing news, anglers are reeling in some nice size Yellow Perch and crappies in the Tullytown Cove.  Please take note that most of the areas with access to the shoreline around the cove are private property and require permission to enter.  Fish responsibly and always carry all your trash out with you. 
As a continued reminder, mandatory cold weather personal flotation device wear remains in effect until April 30.  However, it is recommended to ALWAYS wear your personal flotation device at all times.  Visit our site at for more details.
Delaware County
Delaware County anglers enjoyed one of the nicest Opening Days of Trout season in many years.  Anglers came out and enjoyed sunshine and perfect stream conditions to be rewarded with many hook ups and stringers full of fish.  The fish were biting right out of the gate at 8:00AM and were still active come lunchtime.  The streams were pleasantly clean as anglers were keeping trash and litter in their pockets or in bags.  The District WCO didn’t have a single problem or complaint and that makes their job much easier and rewarding.
The Striped Bass run has started.  Although cold water temperatures have kept the fish from coming in up to now, some smaller fish are being caught behind the Philadelphia Airport.  Anglers are reminded that as of April 1st, the Striped Bass regs change to a slot limit size of 21” – 25” with a limit of 2 fish daily.  Anglers are reminded that if they are targeting Striped Bass, then they are required to possess a Saltwater Registry Tag as well.  It is free and can be obtained here;
Lancaster County
The Wednesday, March 28 stocking of the Conowingo Creek and Fishing Creek concluded Southern Lancaster County’s pre-season stocking events.  Trout anglers have ample opportunities to put a trout dinner on the plate in fishing Saturday’s Trout Opener on any one of the 23 Stocked Trout Waters and Muddy Run Lake.  In-season stocking will begin in earnest on Wednesday 4/4 with the stocking of Big Beaver and Little Beaver Creek.  The East Branch Octoraro Creek with a section that falls within Lancaster County will be stocked on Thursday, April 5.  The Little Conestoga Creek and Swarr Run will be stocked on Friday 3/30 [rescheduled from 3/23] & float stocked per below. 
Anglers looking to get away from congregated areas should refer to below and last week’s Regional Report in scouting a location that allows for a solitary pursuit of their creel limit – per below:
Float Stocked Sections of Stocked Trout Waters
Stocked Trout Water
ngo -3/28
 Downstream from Black Bear Road - Downstream from Swift Road Bridge – Downstream from Goshen Mill Bridge - Downstream From 2108 Robert Fulton Hwy. To Sr 222 Bridge   Downstream from Bridge at Goat Hill Rd. To Sr 222 Bridge
Fishing Creek -3/28
Downstream From Silver Sp[Ring Rd. Bridge
Downstream from Drumore Park to Slate Hill Road
Little Conestoga Creek – 3/30
eam from Miller/Buch Rd. Bridge –
Downstream from Ppl [Upstream Section to Manheim Pk]
Downstream from Ppl To Flory Mill
Downstream from 100 Yards Above Covered Bridge To 200 Yards Upstream of Harrisburg Pike Bridge
Swarr Run -3/30
Downstream from 2878 Yellow Goose Road to State Rd. Bridge Downstream from Ye Old Mill Rd [Dead End] To Downstream of Gold’s Gym

SE Photo #3 Caption: Ross Club and son Chase with the 17” Rainbow landed on Hammer Creek downstream of Erb’s Covered Bridge where Chase’s dad float stocks.

SE Photo #4 Caption: Trent Slaymaker with a 23” Rainbow landed on Hammer Creek.
Montgomery County
Despite the apparent unwillingness of winter to yield to spring this year, the ongoing cold weather took a break on both Mentored Youth Day and Regional Trout Opening Day, giving us nice conditions for both. Many people attended the Mentored Youth Day, with lots of kids catching trout and having fun with their parents, and Regional Opening Day of Trout Season was a huge success with over 400 anglers enjoying the day on district trout stocked waters. We received many compliments on the nice trout we stocked this year. So, an incredible job was done by our Hatcheries staff and they deserve a lot of credit for that! As always, a huge debt of gratitude is extended to the volunteers that showed up despite some crummy weather to help stock the fish. Without those of you that show up every year to help carry buckets, trout stocking would be difficult at best and you all make it both easy and enjoyable…so thank you.
On the boating side of things, some paddlers and even some power boaters are starting to show up on district waterways. Please keep in mind that cold water is dangerous, and cold weather mandatory PFD wear requirements remain in effect until the end of April. Have fun and we’ll see you on the water!
Western Schuylkill/Northern Berks Fishing and Boating Report
The Regional Opening Day of Trout brought sunshine, relatively mild temperatures and little or no wind resulting in a higher turnout than the last few years.  Anglers were successful on all area streams with the southern end of the district seeing a little more action than the northern, likely due to warmer temperatures in the southern part of the district.
The District WCO received several landowner complaints about anglers.  These mostly had to do with parking and littering.  Keep in mind that many stream areas that are stocked are privately-owned and that we are permitted to stock trout and you are permitted to fish through the courtesy of the landowner.  The fact that trout are stocked there does not deprive the landowner of his rights.  How would you feel if allowed someone on your property and they abused the privilege?  Treat the property you are on as if it is your own.  Appreciate the fact that you are guest on their property and give the landowner the courtesy they are due and thereby show your appreciation for the fact that they allow us on their property.
A specific note regarding Northkill Creek in Berks County:  The WCO DOES NOT and for several years HAS NOT stocked trout in the vicinity of Old Shartlesville Road.  This is private property and is posted against trespassing.  There may be some remnant PFBC NO PARKING signs that are in evidence in the area, but the WCO will see they are removed.  Anglers, please do not enter this posted private property.  As mentioned in the previous paragraph, treat the property as if it were your own.
On t
he boating side, everyone is reminded that we are in the cold weather mandatory wear period until after April 30.  All persons on all boats less than 16 feet in length, and all canoes and kayaks, are required to be wearing a personal flotation device (PFD or life jacket) at all times while on the water.  This is not a violation for which you will get a warning.

MARCH 28, 2018
The 18-County Regional Opening Day of Trout Season is quickly approaching this Saturday, March 31!
As anglers look forward with excitement to opening day, they should respect the lands that they fish on.  Carry-out any trash.  Additionally, the privilege to camp and have a campfire on private property can only be done with the landowner’s consent.  Anglers should be aware of where they are parking their vehicles, so as not to block the travel of the land owner, damage the property turf or create a traffic hazard.  Approximately 75% of lands where trout are stocked in the Commonwealth are privately owned. It is in our (anglers) best interest to respect the landowners to keep waters open for our use.
Parents are encouraged to share in the tradition of the Opening Day next Saturday March 31 with their children, and as a courtesy reminder are required to maintain separate creels (stringers or buckets) for their harvest.
Bucks County
Both sections of Neshaminy Creek (Warrington area and Tyler State Park stretches) were stocked with trout on Monday for the 18 County early Regional Opening Day of Trout.
k will be stocked this as of the posting of this report today, Wednesday, 3/28.
Both sections of the Delaware Canal will be stocking on Thursday, 3/29.
Thanks to the staff of the Huntsdale hatchery, Conservation Officers and stocking helpers who make these opportunities possible in this area! 
Lancaster County
District Officer Schmidt continues to promote float stocking and continues to seek out Sportsmen’s organizations to adopt a stream, or portion thereof to accomplish more float stocking. The most important requisite to accomplishment of float stocking is that of volunteer manpower. Over the previous four seasons a dedicated cadre of individuals have enthusiastically stepped up and waded in to make it happen.  Most of the trout anglers owe to the minority of the stocking helpers, the bucket carriers and float stocking teams, an expression of appreciation in contributing mightily to their successful trout season. Individuals are encouraged to construct their own stocking float and join the team.
Even on the Opening Day, there are opportunities for a solitary fishing experience in Lancaster County for the angler who is willing to park and walk along these float-stocked stretches.
Float Stocked Sections of Stocked Trout Waters – Lancaster County
Stocked Trout Water
Big Beaver Creek
Downstream From 20 Main St. New Providence To 1930 Beaver Valley Pike- Downstream from Concrete Bridge at Near Old Rd. & Beaver Valley Pike – Downstream from Krantz Mill Rd. Bridge -Downstream from 92 Refton Road –Downstream from 66 Smithville Rd. To Smithville Rd. Bridge.
Donegal Creek Fly Fishing Only
Downstream from 1104 Long Lane
Hammer Creek
Section #2, 4, 6
Downstream from Bridge at Michters Roa
nstream from 920 W. Fairview Rd. [Walk-In Only] – Downstream from Carpenter Road Bridge – Downstream from Buch Mill Rd. Bridge - Downstream from Near 1310 Pine Hill Road – Downstream from Covered Bridge at Erb’s Bridge Road
Little Beaver Creek -3/5
Downstream From 302 Hilltop Road to Childrens Clinic at Bunker Hill Rd.
le Chiques Cr
nstream from Mt. Pleasant Road Bridge – Downstream from Sr 772 Bridge – Downstream from Little Chiques Creek Park
Meetinghouse Creek – 3/6
Downstream from The Bridge at Quarry Road/Sr 3
Middle Creek
Downstream from The Bridge at Kleinfeltersville Rd. – Downstream from The Clay Road Bridge – Downstream from the Bridge at 220 Rock Rd. – Downstream from the Bridge at Wissler/Middle Creek Road
ea Creek
tream from Sr 897 Bridge to School Lane Rd [2017 Extended Lower Limit] – Downstream from Mt. Vernon Rd. Bridge -Downstream From 5762 Buena Vista Dr. To 897 –
Downstream from Buena Vista Bridge to Mt. Vernon Rd.
Stewart Run
Downstream from Woods at Stuart Run Road to The Theodore A. Parker Iii Natural Area [Lancaster County Parks]
Downstream from L.A.S.A. Pumping Station to Letort Road Bridge – Downstream from (Letort Road) To Near Owl Bridge Rd.
*W. B
r. Octoraro Creek – Sect. #2
Br. Octoraro Creek – Sect. #4
Downstream from Mt. Pleasant Rd. Covered Bridge – Downstream from Herr Farm – *Downstream from Pa American Water Co. Pumping Station to Black Rock Rd.
Downstream from 702 Wesley Road to 785 Wesley Road (Walk-In Only)
W. Br
. Octoraro Creek – Sect.#3
Fishing Only
nstream from Sr 472 Bridge – Downstream from Confluence W/Stewart Run -
 Downstream from Street Road to Near Lower Limit
* West Branch Octoraro Creek: The Pumping Station Road on lands belonging to the PA American Water Company:  Anglers are informed that the section of water downstream of the Run-of-the River Dam was float stocked on Saturday 3/10.  This is an arduous float as the 5 man/2 float barrel crew began the planting of fish 200 yards downstream of the Run-of-the River Dam towards Black Rock.  Anglers should be aware of the safety signage in place at the dam and comply accordingly. Anglers observed to be wade fishing within 50 feet of the dam, or on the dam itself are subject to being cited.
* West Branch Octoraro Creek: Anglers seeking a solitary outing are directed to trek into the W. Br. Octoraro Creek via Pumping Station Road and work their way downstream to Black Rock Road.
Trout anglers using small watercraft, canoes & kayaks: Mandatory PFD Wear regulations remain in effect until 30 April. All boats under 16 feet, and all canoes and kayaks irrespective of length. Exposure to the current water temperatures can lead to sudden cold water-immersion shock and hypothermia. BOAT SMART – BOAT SAFE.
Little Beaver Creek:   Little Beaver Creek is effectively posted to restrict Sunday Fishing. This lawful restriction will be enforced under the provisions of section 2104 of the Code.
Big Beaver Creek: No Sunday Fishing is in effect at 1930 Beaver Valley Pike. At the Lower Limit, the property at 153 Smithville Road remains posted.
West Branch Octoraro Creek: The property at 95 Hollow Road, Quarryville remains posted.
Early Warning - Stewart Run: Anglers are advised that the property downstream of Naomi’s Bridge may be posted to restrict fishing in 2019.  The landowner has reported litter to include bait containers and monofilament.
tle Chiques Creek: The property that extends to the western edge of Cove Outlook Park remains posted in the near proximity to the Run-Of-The-River Dam.
Donegal Creek [Catch & Release – Fly -Fishing Only]:  The property at 1480 Long Lane [at the defined Lower Limit] has been posted, anglers are thus cautioned that they are subject to being cited for trespassing.
Moreover, if requested by a landowner to identify themselves they are required per Section 2501 (a) (7) to comply accordingly and in violation if they: Refuse to identify himself upon request to the owner or the lessee of the land or waters upon which he is present.
Northampton County
There was pleasant afternoon weather this past Saturday for Mentored Youth Day, although it was cold in the morning, many youth anglers came out for some quality time fishing with parents, grandparents and family friends. Many youth anglers were catching fish on the Lehigh Canal in Walnutport. Some nice Rainbow Trout were caught along the Bushkill Creek in Bushkill Twp. on butter worms. Some Golden Rainbow Trout were also caught and released within Jacobsburg State Park. The Monocacy Creek also offered a great angling opportunity at Surrey Glen Park in Lower Nazareth Township with many Brown Trout and Rainbow Trout being caught.
As we look forward to the opening day this Saturday, our Hatcheries and Law Enforcement staff have been busy stocking the last of the streams. The Saucon Creek was stocked, and the Martins Creek and Jacoby Creek will be the last 2 streams in the county to be stocked, but will be ready to go for Regional Opening Day of Trout Season.

SE Photo #1
Photo Caption: Jared harvested this 24” Golden Rainbow Trout while fishing with his father on a section of the Hokendauqua Creek located in Moore Township on Mentored Youth Trout Day.
Chester County 
Located within scenic Hibernia County Park is a 3/4 acre pond known as the Children’s Pond. The Children’s Pond is well populated with warm water fish, but is also stocked with trout through generous donations by the West Caln Sportsmen’s Club, the Chester County Parks & Recreation Department and the Friends of Hibernia. The District WCO was recently with the sportsmen’s club as they stocked the pond with hundreds of trout, including over 50 trophy sized Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout and Golden Rainbow Trout. The pond is a great place to take a youngster to get them away from the crowds and teach them to fish. The cleared shoreline makes casting a breeze and the fact that the water is not moving makes it easier to feel if those trophies are taking the bait. Bass, sunfish & catfish live in the pond as well as trout. Plan to take your child for the Regional Opening Day on Saturday, March 31st at 8 AM this year. You will not be alone, but the atmosphere is bound to be full of energy with many parents focused on helping their children to catch fish. Helpful and knowledgeable park rangers will be patrolling the pond. Don’t have a fishing rod or tackle? No problem there, as you can borrow a fishing rod, reel and tackle box through the Pennsylvania Fish & Boat Commission’s rod & tackle loaner program available at the park office from 08:30 AM to 4:00 PM, April through November. Vending machines with bait, worms and minnows are also located at the park office. Hibernia County Park is located at 1 Park Road, Coatesville, PA. 19320. Call 610-383-3812 for more information, or to inquire about borrowing equipment. A fishing license and trout stamp are required of individuals who are 16 years old and above that fish any Chester County park or any Commonwealth stocked trout waters. A fishing license is required to fish Commonwealth waters as well if you are 16 years old or older.

Photo Caption: Trout from sponsoring organizations (mentioend above) about to be released into the Children's Pond at Hibernia County Park. Photo by Laura Benenvento

Reports compiled by Andrew Desko (, Southeast Region Education Specialist, using information provided by Waterways Conservation Officers, Area Fisheries Managers and other PFBC staff.