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Map highlighting counties in the Northcentral RegionREGION COUNTIES -- Cameron, Centre, Clearfield, Clinton, Elk, Jefferson, Lycoming, McKean, Montour, Northumberland, Potter, Snyder, Tioga, Union (County Guide)

Reports compiled by Amidea Daniel (, Northcentral Regional Education Specialist, using information provided by Waterways Conservation Officers, Area Fisheries Managers and other PFBC staff.

Fishing and Boating Report – October 1, 2014
Potter County

Kettle Creek: Streams are very low and trout are easily spooked; however, the trout are feeding and anglers are catching! 

Most of the trout are being caught using ant patterns.  Anglers are reporting good numbers of trout being caught and that there are large numbers of fly ants around the streams.

Kettle Creek Brown Trout
Here is an underwater photo of a Kettle Creek Brown Trout caught on an ant pattern
Photo taken and provided by George Kutskel

USGS water levels on Kettle Creek at Westport:

Lyman Run Lake:  Anglers are catching trout on live minnows.  The lake is calm and clear.  Early in the morning and late evening fishing has been the most successful for anglers.

Lycoming County

Pine Creek: Anglers are catching Brown Trout and Rainbow Trout on upper Pine Creek.  They are catching the trout on a variety of flies (e.g. size 14 Beadhead pheasant tails, size 18 blue wing olive nymphs, size 18 golden stone fly nymphs, blue wing olive dry flies, slate drakes and tan caddis are also working).  Some of the trout being caught are between 14-20 inches in length. 

Most of the fishing action is occurring early morning and early to late evening.  Un-weighted black streamers fished by swinging them are also working in the late evening hours.

Brown Trout
Heavy Brown Trout caught on blue wing olive and golden stonefly nymphs
Photo by Julie Szur

Anglers of all ages were enjoying some fishing on Pine Creek over the weekend.  This is Evangeline Daniel fishing with a Fall Fish she caught; Brookie, the Golden Retriever; and Evangeline’s mother in the background.
Photo by Julie Szur

Brown Trout
Rachel Stout was out fishing with the ladies on Pine Creek and caught this great Brown Trout
Photo by Julie Szur

Clearfield County

Curwensville Dam: Anglers are catching pan fish and bass using a variety of baits and lures.  Best time for fishing is early morning and late evening.

Boaters beware in the flats upriver of the viaduct.  There are lots of snags and mud flats just outside the channel that will damage your boats if hit.

Janesville Dam: PFBC will be stocking trout October 8, 2014 at 10:15a.m.

Parker Dam: PFBC will be stocking more trout in December due to the planned draw down that the lake will be undergoing for repairs to the causeway.  Keep checking PA Fish and Boat Commission’s website for updates on fall stocking of trout.

West Branch Susquehanna River: The group “Squirrel Tails for Trout” recently stocked trout between Curwensville Civic Center and Elliot’s Park.  The average size of trout stocked was between 13 and 16 inches.

Water levels on the West Branch are at their lowest this year.  Do NOT attempt to canoe between Clearfield and Karthus, unless you want to drag your canoes/kayaks. 

The river is still runnable for unpowered crafts between Bells Landing and Curwensville Dam.

Clinton County

Bald Eagle Creek: Anglers are catching trout on lower Bald Eagle Creek using flying ant patterns in late afternoon and a variety of nymph patterns in the early evening hours.  Streamer patterns have been working well in the early morning and late evening hours.

Be sure to take advantage of the beautiful scenery by kayak or canoe on Bald Eagle Creek! Water flows are good.  The scenery and wildlife will make a memorable trip!

Centre County

Spring Creek: On upper Spring Creek, anglers are catching trout using size 14 beadhead pheasant tails and flashback hares ear nymphs.  Small caddis and ant patterns along with other terrestrials are working on the surface.  Early morning and late afternoon are producing the most success for anglers.  If it is a high sunny day, target the shaded areas near logs, large stones, or undercut banks. 

On lower Spring Creek, anglers are catching trout using small spinners and live minnows in the early morning hours.

Keep an eye on the USGS water flows for Spring Creek:
Upper Spring Creek at Houserville, PA:

Lower Spring Creek near Milesburg, PA:

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Fishing and Boating Report – September 23, 2014
The Fall colors are arriving on the trees and in the water!  What a beautiful time of year to fish in PA.  Photo by: PFBC staff

Brook Trout

Potter County

Kettle Creek:  Brook Trout are still being caught using size 16 stimulator fly patterns.  Water levels are low so you still need to sneak up to the areas you want to target.

USGS water levels on Kettle Creek at Westport:

Allegheny River, Coudersport area: Anglers are catching trout in the Delayed Harvest section.  Size 12 Royal Wulff, small beadhead prince nymphs and pheasant tail flies are providing the most success.

Tioga County

Hamilton Lake: Anglers are catching bass and panfish.  Bass up to 3 pounds are being caught on crankbaits and jerkbaits.  Crappies up to 12 inches are being caught on live minnows and jigs fished in 8-12 feet of water.  Bluegills and Yellow Perch are being caught using waxworms and mealworms fished under a float.  

Largemouth Bass
Josh Ditzler with a nice Largemouth Bass he caught  at Hills Creek Lake.
Photo taken by Don Kelly.

Hills Creek Lake: Bass are being caught on crankbaits, jerkbaits, and soft plastic worms around the lily pads and stumps.  Anglers are also catching Bluegills and Yellow Perch using night crawlers and waxworms.  

Tioga Lake: Smallmouth and Largemouth bass are being caught on crankbaits, spinner baits, and by drop shotting small plastic minnow imitations.  Bass up to 3 lbs are being caught.  Chain Pickerel up to 24 inches are being caught using similar presentations.  Live shiners are also working for Chain Pickerel.

Pine Creek:  Many Smallmouth Bass and a good number of trout are being caught from the DHALO section at Darling Run upstream to Gaines.  The bass and trout are being caught on spinners and shallow running crankbaits.  Most Smallmouth are under 12 inches.  Trout up to 14 inches are being caught.  Fly fishermen are catching them on streamer patterns and small nymphs.

Lycoming County

Pine Creek: Anglers are catching trout 12-18 inches in the delayed harvest section, Tomb Flat area, using soft hackle flies.  Best time for fishing seems to be from early to late evening.

Brown Trout
Julie Szur with a beautiful Brown Trout caught on a soft hackle fly.
Photo provided by Julie Szur.

Centre County

Foster Joseph Sayers Lake: Boating activity is slowing down.  Most boating activity is anglers heading to their favorite spots.  All access areas are being used.  

Anglers are catching bass in the upper stretches of the lake.  Rubber worms and spinners baits are working best.  Anglers are also catching lots of Crappie under the causeway in 20+ feet of water using twistertails and minnows.

Anglers fishing the spillway area are catching Crappie using live minnows.

Bucket of Crappie
Fishing can be fun and tasty!!  This limit of Crappie provided a great fish fry dinner over the weekend!
Photo taken by Keith Beamer

Black Moshannon: Boating activity is light for the month of September.  Most activity is from kayakers and canoers. 

Anglers are catching bass and Chain Pickerel around boat launch #3.  Targeting the edge of weed beds using spinners, rubber worms and live bait is working best.
Colyer Lake:  On Thursday September 11, 2014 Commission staff finished the drawdown of Colyer Lake so repairs can be made. The Commission conducted a fish salvage operation capturing a large portion of the fish that remained in Colyer Lake.  Thousands of fish were successfully transferred to Poe Lake.   

Spring Creek: Anglers are catching trout using zebra midges and san juan worm fly patterns in the upper reaches of Spring Creek.

On lower Spring Creek anglers are catching trout using sparkle minnow fly patterns that resemble small brown trout.  Live minnows are also working well on lower Spring Creek. 

Keep an eye on the USGS water flows for Spring Creek:

Upper Spring Creek at Houserville, PA:

Lower Spring Creek near Milesburg, PA:

Clinton County

Fishing Creek:  Water levels are still low, but streamer/minnow fly patterns are working in late evening hours.  In upper reaches of the stream, fly ant patterns were working as well.

Union County

Lake Augusta, Shikellamy State Park: ANNOUNCEMENT: The marina season officially ends on October 5, 2014.  Boat owners with watercraft moored at the marina must have all watercraft removed from their slip on or before Sunday, October 5, 2014.  Park staff will begin removing the marina docks Monday, October 6, 2014 to prepare for the annual deflation and inspection of the Adam T. Bower Memorial Dam.

All boaters and general public are reminded that boat launch areas will be closed during the removal process.  Alternate launch facilities are available at the Hanover Street boat launch and the point boat launch at Lower Water Street in Northumberland.

The dam will be deflated gradually over a period of two weeks.

West Branch Susquehanna River: Anglers are catching Smallmouth Bass near Winfield, PA.  Most of the bass measure 12 inches in length.  Crayfish colored tubes and crankbaits are working best.

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Fishing and Boating Report – September 17, 2014
FISHING. This word has different meanings for each of us… maybe it’s the escape, the peace, the simplicity, the challenge, the excitement, the hope or maybe it is the connection with ourselves, our friends, our family and nature.  Whatever your chosen meaning, you know and understand that FISHING is more than a word to you, it is an EXPERIENCE…one that keeps giving no matter where you are in life.  Enjoy your FISHING moments! 

EXPERIENCE what PA FISHING has in-store for you!

Region Fishing Reports:

Family fishing programs:

Cowanesque Lake
This is a beautiful photo taken of Cowanesque Lake, Tioga County.
Photo taken by Tom Sweet

Potter County

Allegheny River (Coudersport area): There are plenty of fish left!  Anglers are catching nice trout in the Delayed Harvest section.  Several nice fish are being caught on bead head pheasant tails.  The biggest Rainbow Trout (18inches) was caught on a size 12 Royal Wulff.  Some anglers are also catching trout using Parachute Ants. 

Kettle Creek: Water levels are low and Trout are spooky.  Successful anglers are keeping their profile low and wearing dull colored clothing. 

Anglers are catching Brook Trout.  One angler caught two Brook Trout over 12inches along with dozens of smaller ones.  The Trout seem real hungry and are preparing for a long winter!  Flies that are working the best are size 16 stimulators. 

Brook and Brown Trout are showing signs of spawning colors.  Nothing more beautiful than trout in their spawning colors!

USGS water levels on Kettle Creek at Westport:

Tioga County

Cowanesque Lake: 
For information about Tioga-Hammond & Cowanesque Lakes check out the Army Corps of Engineers Facebook page here:

Anglers are having some great times fishing for Bass!  Many bass up to 6lbs are being caught!!  Limited weed growth has bass holding tight to rock piles, timber, and artificial structure.  Smallmouth and Largemouth Bass are being caught in shallow and deep water.
Subtle presentations of crankbaits and creature baits are working best.   Darker colors are working best for the murky waters of the lake’s West end.  In the clearer waters of the lake’s East end natural colors are working best.  Shad colored crankbaits or green pumpkin, watermelon, and pumpkinseed colored soft plastics are also working. 

Hamilton Lake:
Anglers are catching good LOTS of Crappies, Bluegills, and Yellow Perch using waxworms, live minnows, and mealworms.  Low water has limited most anglers to shore fishing, though a few are fishing from canoes and kayaks.  

Fishing under a float is producing the best results, especially in the evenings in about 8 to 12 feet of water.  Some trout are being caught on paste baits floated just off the bottom.  Shallow running crankbaits in perch and shiner colors are working for trout, bass, and Chain Pickerel.

Hammond Lake:
Cooler temperatures are “lighting” up the Crappie fishing! Live minnows, fished in 8-10 feet, of water are working best.  Anglers are also catching good numbers of bass using live shiners near the dam and Route 287. 

Jefferson County

Stream flows seem to be above average compared to past years.  There are still trout left in the stocked waterways.

Sandy Lick Creek: Trout are spread out throughout the entire stream.  Anglers are catching trout using flies representing ants and beetles.  There are quite a few midges coming off providing successful catches on Griffiths Gnats and Black and Olive Zebra Midge patterns.  Slate Drakes, size 10 and/or 12 are also working well. 

Grasshopper patterns fished close to the banks are also working well for anglers.

Brown Trout
This Brown Trout was caught on North Fork Redbank Creek in the Fly Fishing Catch and Release section.  The fly that lured the trout to the surface was a Light Cahill Parachute dry fly.
Photo by: Mark Hanes

North Fork Redbank Creek (Fly Fishing Catch and Release Area):  This section is holding a good number of trout.  Anglers are catching fish using foam beetles and sizes 10-22 midge dry flies.  Because these fish are heavily fished over, smaller flies tend to be the ticket for a successful take!  A few Slate Drakes and small black caddis were observed flying around.  A few anglers caught trout using size 18-20 black zebra midge larvae imitations.

Clearfield County

Curwensville Lake: Anglers are catching heavy Musky measuring approximately 30-35 inches in length.  There will be a Musky Tournament on September 20th and 21st.  Contact Curwensville Park office for more information.

Ardell Ponds (State Game Lands 34): The ponds are being drained.  The upper pond still has two thirds of its water and the lower pond is drained down to the breast of the dam.  There will not be a salvage operation on these lakes.  Many anglers are catching large bass, Pickerel and assorted sizes of panfish.  It is a target-rich angling opportunity, but won’t last long.

Centre County

Bald Eagle Creek: Anglers are catching trout and panfish in the lower reaches.  Anglers are catching Bass in the upper reaches of the stream.

Black Moshannon Lake:  Anglers are catching Bluegill, Yellow Perch, and Chain Pickerel from shore near boat launch areas.  Successful bait being used is rubber twistertails and live minnows.

Foster Joseph Sayers Lake:
Anglers are catching Crappie and Bluegill near the causeway.  Live minnows are working best.

Anglers are also catching Smallmouth Bass and lots of Largemouth Bass in the shallows.  They are catching them using a variety of baits, everything from crankbaits, jigs, plastic worms (black & green; black and blue).

Spring Creek:
Now is the time to be fishing.  It is ideal fishing conditions and no one else is fishing!

Anglers that are fishing are catching trout using small Blue Wing Olive nymphs and Squirmy Wormies.

Tricos, Light Cahills and small Tan Caddis are coming off in the early morning hours.  Anglers are catching trout in the upper sections using fly imitations of each fly mentioned.  Ants and beetles are also working well.     

Keep an eye on the USGS water flows for Spring Creek:

Upper Spring Creek at Houserville, PA:

Lower Spring Creek near Milesburg, PA:

Clinton County

Upper Fishing Creek: Currently, water levels are low.  The best time to fish is early morning and late evening using small nymphs (bead head pheasant tails, caddis).  Some trout are feeding on flying ants and small midges in the late evening hours.

Lower Fishing Creek: With a little more water in the lower reaches, fishing has been a bit more productive than in the upper reaches.  Anglers are catching trout in late evening hours on small nymphs, ants and midges. 

Lycoming County

West Branch Susquehanna River (Pine Access): Anglers are catching Catfish using chicken livers, night crawlers and dough balls in the later evening hours.

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