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January/February Angler & Boater


  • Angler's Alphabet of Lures - From A-Rig to Zara Spook by Marilyn Black
  • Gearing Up for Ice Fishing by Tyler Frantz
  • Magazine coverHow to Catch Late Winter Steelhead by Nick Delvecchio
  • Preplanning Future Fishing Trips by Jeff Knapp
  • Ice Fishing Perch by Ross Robertson
  • Selective Harcest Panfish by Braden Eisenhower
  • Suburban Trout Streams by Bob Frye
  • Welcome to Fly Fishing U by George Daniel
  • Fly Fishing Yellow Creek by Ralph Scherder
  • How to Use Inclement Weather to Scout New Waters by Ariadne Capotis
  • Fishing White Clay Creek by Carl Haensel
  • Hellbender Love - Meet Pennsylvania's Official State Amphibian by Linda Stager
  • Fishing Practice for Kids by John Allen
  • Inside the Minds of Some of Ice Fishing Masters by Jeff Woleslagle
  • The Littlest Pike by Rob Criswell
  • From Alaska to Pennsylvania - Lessons Learned in the Last Frontier by Christian A. Shane