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July/August 2019 Angler​ & Boater

Feature articles

    • Magazine coverWading the Susquehanna River by Carl Haensel
    • Hit the Ledges for Deep-water Summertime Bass by Jeff Knapp
    • Fly Fishing with Terrestrials by Ralph Scherder
    • Fishing the Night Shift on the Juniata River by Jeff Woleslagle
    • Beat the Heat by Nick DelVecchio
    • Silver Bullet by Rob Criswell
    • Bass on the Fly by Chris Gorsuch
    • Hangtime in Hot Water by Braden Eisenhower
    • A Hot Night for Allegheny River Flathead Catfish by Mike Bleech
    • Tread Carefully for Summer Smallmouth Bass by Vic Attardo
    • Ride, Rod and Reel—Biking and Fishing in the Keystone State by Christian A. Shane
    • Pymatuning Summertime Bassin’ by Darl Black
    • Paddlefish: A Pennsylvania Possibility by Marshall Nych
    • Finesse Fishing Creeks for Smallmouth Bass by Nathan Woleslagle
    • Snapping Turtle Trapping by Tyler Frantz
    • Nighttime Bass Fishing by Jessica Welshans
    • Breaking Down Barriers by Deborah Weisberg

Special features

Regular features