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May/June 2019 Angler & Boater Magazine

Feature articles

    • Adjusting to Kayak Fishing by John Allen
    • Waist Deep for Smallmouth Bass by Braden Eisenhower
    • Down on the Yough by Carl Haensel
    • Kayak Panfish Frenzy by Jeff Woleslagle
    • Spring’s Bankside Bluegills by Vic Attardo
    • A Fishing Buddy for Life by Nick DelVecchio
    • Use a Net, Keep’em Wet: Guiding Practices for Successful Catch and Release
      by Christian A. Shane
    • Fish for Wild Trout During Spring by Don Feigert
    • Bass Fishing Tactics for Spring, Summer and Fall by Nathan Woleslagle
    • Creating Children’s Fishing Events by Marilyn Black
    • When Water Helps to Heal by Deborah Weisberg
    • Kids and Kayak Fishing by Jessica Welshans
    • Looking Up: Children and Fathers by Marshall Nych
    • Backyard Bass Continued by Chris Gorsuch
    • Spinner Rigs for Summertime Walleyes by Jeff Knapp
    • Put Together a Jonboat for Drifting by Mike Bleech
    • How to Sharpen a Hook by Darl Black
    • The Promised Land by Alex Zidock Jr.

Special features

Regular features