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​November/December 2019 Angler & Boater Magazine

Feature articles

    • Magazine coverFast Water Steelhead by Carl Haensel
    • Ice Fishing for Bass by Nathan Woleslagle
      Loyal to the Loyalhanna Creek by Charles N. Cantella
    • Solitary Trout Fishing by Richard Tate
      The Charm of Winter Steelhead Fishing by Mike Bleech
    • Panfish Pandemonium by Chris Gorsuch
    • Artificial Jig-tipping Options for Late Fall River Walleyes by Jeff Knapp
    • Use Weight Wisely for Late-Season Trout by Vic Attardo
    • How to Select a Fishing Buddy by Marshall Nych
    • Parker Dam State Park by Ralph Scherder
    • Bowfins on the Rebound by Marilyn Black
    • Getting to Know Those Larger Minnows by Rob Criswell
    • Catching Smallmouth Bass Over the Holidays by Jeff Woleslagle
    • Four Ways to Never Run Out of Power in Your Boat by Ross Robertson
    • Keeping Invasive Plant Species at Bay by Deborah Weisberg
    • Last Call Muskellunge by Braden Eisenhower

Special features

Regular features