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The Fish and Boat Commission is a user-funded agency - meaning it receives no PA General Fund tax revenue to support its programs. The Commission operates out of two special funds: the Fish Fund and the Boat Fund. The principal sources of revenue for the Fish Fund are fishing licenses and fees (about 66%) and federal funds (about 22%) obtained from taxes on fishing-related items. For the Boat Fund, boat registration/titling fees, refunds of liquid fuels taxes on gas used by motorboats and federal aid are the top revenue categories.


The Commission continues to work to secure funding for necessary hatchery upgrades and repairs on Commonwealth-owned dams and remains optimistic that a funding source outside of the day-to-day operating revenues in the fish and boat funds will be found for the substantial infrastructure improvement needs the Commonwealth of PA has. The total need for dam repairs alone is estimated at more than $83 million (2006).