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Pennsylvania's lakes, rivers and streams provide clean water, aquatic resources, and recreational opportunities for anglers and boaters. All of these contribute to the health and sustainability of the communities within the Commonwealth. The Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission's (PFBC or Commission) mission is to protect, conserve and enhance aquatic resources and provide fishing and boating opportunities. This includes helping to achieve a balance between competing land uses, including the extraction of natural gas and managing our lands and waters to protect and sustain them now and for the future.

For information about the permitting of gas wells on private lands, visit the Department of Environmental Protection at

For more information about the PFBC's statewide perspective on Marcellus development and the Commission's role in the permitting process and environmental enforcement, please visit Marcellus Shale: Protecting the Commonwealth Aquatic Resources.

On March 7, 2011, the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission established a non-developmental Natural Gas Leasing Program and a Water Access Program on properties it controls. This decision is designed to minimize environmental impacts while maximizing revenues and enhancing benefits for all users of the Commonwealth's aquatic resources.

Under the two programs, projects may be approved on lands or waters when the projects are designed and implemented in such a way that they have little or no negative impact on the resource or property use. The Commission will not enter into natural gas leasing projects which are developmental in nature, meaning it will not permit the installation or use of production wells or any other type of natural gas production equipment on its properties. Under the Water Access Program, the Commission will consider requests to use its property to access, acquire or transport water resources.

Revenues generated from these projects will be used to fund agency priority projects. This program is particularly significant since the Commission receives no funding from the state's general fund and relies on fishing licenses, boat registrations, and federal funding tied to fishing and boating to support everything it does.


Properties can be located on our County Guide.


Donegal Lake - EXPIRED
Westmoreland County
Williams Production Appalachia LLC
Non-surface use oil and gas agreement

Dutch Fork Lake
Washington County
Range Resources Appalachia, LLC
Non-Surface use oil and gas agreement

Glade Run Lake
Butler County
R.E. Gas Development, LLC
Non-Surface use oil and gas agreement

Hereford Manor Lake - EXPIRED
Beaver County
Abarta Oil & Gas Co., Inc.
Non-Surface use oil and gas agreement

Rose Valley Lake
Lycoming County
Bigstar Energy, LP
Non-Surface use oil and gas agreement

Stump Pond
Susquehanna County
Southwestern Energy Production Company
Non-Surface use oil and gas agreement

Trimble and Terrytown Accesses
Bradford County
Chesapeake Appalachia, LLC
Non-Surface use oil and gas agreement


Donegal Lake - EXPIRED
Westmoreland County
Williams Production Appalachia LLC
Water Access agreement
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