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Ralph W. Abele Conservation Heritage Award
The Abele Award is the highest recognition the PFBC provides. The award was established to recognize citizens of Pennsylvania who have made outstanding contributions to the protection, conservation and enhancement of the aquatic resources of the Commonwealth....Call for Nominations.

Commissioner Paul J. Mahon "Access for All" Award
Recognizes Pennsylvania citizens or organizations who have made outstanding contributions, above and beyond legal requirements, to improving fishing and boat access to the resource for the disabled....Call for Nominations.

Stanley Long Outstanding Volunteer Service Award
Presented to the Commission volunteer who has performed outstanding service to the anglers and boaters of Pennsylvania....Call for Nominations.

Conservation Award Program
The purpose of the Commission’s CONSERVATION AWARD is to encourage the youth of Pennsylvania to study and become more knowledgeable in the conservation of the aquatic environment and in watercraft safety. Through this program, we recognize individuals and groups who make significant contributions to improving the environment for the benefit of themselves and others.

Heroes of Water Rescue
Recognizes the contributions made to the Commonwealth by individuals who make a significant, lasting and continuous impact in the field of water rescue as a result of the guidelines established by the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission’s Water Rescue Program.

Years of Service
Commission Employees recognized for their years of service.


Officer of the Year
Presented annually to the Waterways Conservation Officer (WCO) of the year.

Deputy Waterways Conservation Officer (DWCO) of the Year
One DWCO selected for each Commission law enforcement region.

Gerald L. Greiner Environmental Protection Award
The Gerald L. Greiner Environmental Protection Award is awarded annually to the Waterways Conservation Officer (WCO) who best exemplifies the ideals of “Resource First” - the protection, conservation and enhancement of the Commonwealth’s water resources in the performance of their daily duties.

Edward W. Manhart Academic Achievement Award
Given to a member of each Waterways Conservation Officer (WCO) graduating class of the H.R. Stackhouse School of Fisheries Conservation and Watercraft Safety who has achieved the highest overall academic average during the course of the training.

Top Gun Award
Recognizes an officer's outstanding effort in detecting and apprehending impaired boaters during the past year.