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The Deputy Waterways Conservation Officers work with Waterways Conservation Officers (WCO) to enforce fish, boat, and environmental rules and regulations. Weekend hours are a must!

To apply, you must be a Pennsylvania resident, 21 years of age, reside within the district of the WCO with whom you interviewed, have full use of all limbs, 20/20 vision (or correctable to) with correct color vision, able to use firearms with each hand, be physically able to perform CPR, swim, engage in physical exercise, and have no criminal record.

How to Apply
Interested persons must contact the Waterways Conservation Officer (WCO) within the district they would like to volunteer or contact the appropriate Region Manager. View regions on our region directory page. If you are unsure of the WCO or Region Office, please call the Bureau of Law Enforcement at (717) 705-7861.

You will be required to submit a written resume to the Region Manager for review.


Commission Volunteer Water Rescue Instructors are an elite group of volunteers who train first responders in the Commissions water rescue curricula and represent the Commission at events.

To become a Volunteer Water Rescue Instructor you must be at least 18 years of age, be certified in CPR, swim, engage in physical exercise, have teaching experience in EMS, rescue, fire, or similar discipline, and have completed the Commissions operations level Water Rescue & Emergency Response training as well as any of the other water rescue discipline you which to instruct including Emergency Boat Operations & Rescue, Ice Rescue & Emergency Response, and Advanced Line System Rescue.

How to Apply
Interested persons should contact the Boating & Watercraft Safety Manager at 717-705-7841.