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Commissioners, January 2019
L-R: Commissioners Donald Anderson, Richard Kauffman, G. Warren Elliott, William Brock, Eric Hussar (former), Executive Director Timothy Schaeffer, Richard Lewis, B.J. Small, Norman Gavlick, Rocco Ali

President - Vacant
Vice-President - Richard Lewis


​First - Vacant
Second - Rocco S. Ali
Third - William C. Brock
​Fourth - Donald K. Anderson
Fifth - Vacant
Sixth - Robert B.J. Small
​Seventh - Norman R. Gavlick
Eighth - Richard S. Kauffman
Boating at-large - G. Warren Elliott
Boating at-large - Richard Lewis

Map of Commissioner Districts (check the Commissioner District layer to display)

The Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission is an independent administrative commission consisting of ten competent citizens of the Commonwealth who are appointed by the Governor by and with the advice and consent of a majority of the Pennsylvania Senate. Commissioners serve for terms of four years.

Two members of the Commission serve at large and are experienced in boating and water safety education. The remaining eight members each represent a specific geographic district. They are persons well informed on the subjects of conservation, restoration, fish and fishing, and boats and boating.

The Commission ordinarily meets four times a year. All meetings at which agency business is conducted are open to the public. In addition to full Commission meetings, committees may conduct public meetings throughout the year. At the July meeting each year, the Commission elects from its members a president and vice-president.