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A Fishery consists of three elements:

    • the animals that are being pursued
    • the habitat in which the animals live
    • the people who are pursuing the animals for either sport or commercial purposes

Pennsylvania is fortunate to have vast water resource comprised of more than 86,000 miles of streams and rivers, along with 4,000 inland lakes and ponds covering 160,000 acres, plus 470,000 acres of Lake Erie.

Within the PA Fish & Boat Commission (PFBC), the Division of Fisheries Management, Bureau of Fisheries, oversees PFBC efforts in the management of Pennsylvania fisheries.

Listed below are Commission reports related to fisheries management.

Surveys of fish populations of individual streams and lakes are posted within the Biologist Reports section of our website. View mapping of PA waters on our County Guide and PA Lakes pages. Other resources include Trout Water Classifications, Habitat Improvement and Lake Habitat Improvement.


​Title County​ ​Primary Water ​Primary Species ​Year*
Addition of the upper West Branch Susquehanna River to Section 65.15 (Catch and Release All-Tackle Regulations) ​Cambria, Clearfield West Branch Delaware River​ Trout​ ​2017​
Pennsylvania Wild Trout Summit ​Statewide ​Multiple ​Trout ​2017
Trout Plan Statewide​ ​Multiple Trout​ 2016​
​Youghiogheny River Management Plan Multiple​ Youghiogheny River​ -​ 2015​
Lehigh River Fish Passage Feasibility Study ​Multiple ​Lehigh River ​Trout ​2013
Strategic Plan for Management of Trout Fisheries in Pennsylvania 2010 - 2014, Final Status Report Statewide​ ​Multiple ​Trout ​2013
Tail Water Workgroup – Fisheries Committee presentation ​Statewide ​Multiple ​- ​2012
Susquehanna River Impairment ​Multiple ​Susquehanna River ​Bass ​2012
​Big Spring Creek Management Plan ​Cumberland ​Big Spring Creek ​Trout ​2012
​Pine Creek Fisheries Management Plan ​Multiple ​Pine Creek ​- ​2011
​Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) Action Plan: Viral Hemorrhagic Septicemia (VHS) ​Statewide ​Multiple ​- ​2011
Walleye fisheries management plan ​Statewide ​Multiple ​Walleye ​2011
The Fishery of Spring Creek: A Watershed Under Siege ​Centre ​Spring Creek ​Trout ​2011
Three Rivers Management Plan ​Multiple ​Multiple ​- ​2011
Susquehanna River Management Plan ​Multiple ​Susquehanna River ​- ​2011
Delaware River Management Plan ​Multiple ​Delaware River ​- ​2011
Shad reports – listed on Shad feature page ​Statewide ​Multiple ​Shad ​2011
​Unassessed Waters Initiative ​Statewide ​Multiple ​Trout ​2011
Flexible Flow Management for Delaware River ​Multiple ​Delaware River ​- ​2010
History of the Management of Trout Fisheries in Pennsylvania ​Statewide ​Multiple ​Trout ​2010
Susquehanna Smallmouth Bass Management ​Multiple ​Susquehanna River ​Bass ​2010
Strategic Plan for Management of Trout Fisheries in Pennsylvania 2010 - 2014 ​Statewide ​Multiple ​Trout ​2010
Summary of the Biological Assessments and Angler Satisfaction Surveys for the Evaluation of the Panfish Enhancement Special Regulation Program ​Statewide ​Multiple​ Panfish​ ​2009​
Stocked Trout Program Cost Study 2009
- Appendices
​Statewide ​Multiple ​Trout ​2009
Operational Guidelines for the Management of Trout Fisheries in Pennsylvania Waters ​Statewide ​Multiple ​Trout ​2009
Susquehanna River Walleye Fishery ​Multiple ​Susquehanna River ​Walleye ​2008
PA Trout Fishing Survey - Responsive Management ​Statewide ​Multiple ​Trout ​2008
​Lehigh River Management Plan ​Multiple ​Lehigh River ​- ​2007
Aquatic Biological Investigation in Response to the June 30, 2006, Norfolk Southern Train Derailment and Sodium Hydroxide Release ​Multiple ​Sinnamahoning Creek ​- ​2006
Factors Influencing Smallmouth Bass Year-Class Strength and Future Smallmouth Bass Fisheries ​Statewide ​Multiple ​Bass ​2006
Catch & Release Fishing; Effects on Bass Populations ​Statewide ​Multiple ​Bass ​2006
​Tournament Catch Report Synopsis, 2004 ​Statewide ​Multiple ​Bass ​2004
Delaware River Journal ​Multiple ​Delaware River ​- ​-
​Wildlife Action Plan ​Statewide ​Multiple ​- ​-
Lehigh River Angler Log Book ​Multiple ​Lehigh River ​- ​-

* Year can be published or posted date or year of latest update.