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Save Our Susquehanna buttonThe Susquehanna River is sick and needs help. This is a water quality issue. If the river is officially listed as “impaired” by the state Department of Environmental Protection, then a pollution diet can be put in place. An impairment listing would not change fishing regulations. Anglers would still be permitted to fish the river.



S.O.S. - Limestone Run - Smith Property - The Limestone Run project in Montour and Northumberland counties is the first habitat stream improvement project funded by donations to the "S.O.S. - Save Our Susquehanna!" campaign. Five farm properties will be improved as part of the project.

Smallmouth bass with confirmed malignant tumor YOY lesions Spots on bass

Lesions on adult bass Smallmouth with black spots

Map of Diseased Bass Locations with Photos


12/8/16--Smallmouth Bass Sampling Data

5/4/15--EPA Region 3 Chesapeake Bay Program Office (DiPasquale) letter to DEP

12/16/15--PFBC Launches Save Our Susquehanna Online Fundraising Site

12/14/15--Endocrine Disruptors and Pathogens and Parasites Likely Causes for Smallmouth Bass Population Decline in Susquehanna River

5/4/15--Tests Confirm Rare Cancer Finding in Susquehanna River Smallmouth Bass Sample

12/19/14--EPA Region III Water Protection Division (Capacasa) letter to DEP

7/28/14--PFBC (Arway) letter to EPA (Garvin)

June 4-5, 2013--Choose Clean Water Conference - John Arway presentation

Chesapeake Bay Foundation Forum May 2013

May 2013--The Susquehanna River - A Fishery in Decline--Arway, Smith, Fisheries newsletter

May 2013--Angling for Healthier Rivers--Chesapeake Bay Foundation

April 2013--Chesapeake Bay Foundation Smallmouth Bass Report

Susquehanna Summit March 2013

2/19/13--USFWS (Weber) letter to EPA (Garvin)

12/11/12--Factors affecting smallmouth bass populations in the Susquehanna River (Susquehanna River Clean-up Campaign)--John Arway

12/11/12--Update on proposed PFBC and cooperator projects for 2013 regarding smallmouth bass disease--Geoff Smith

12/11/12--Water-Quality Monitoring in Response to Young-of-Year Smallmouth Bass Mortality 2008-2010--Jeff Chaplin, USGS

September 2012--The Last Bass - Straight Talk by John Arway, PA Angler & Boater magazine

9/7/12--Factors affecting smallmouth bass populations in the Susquehanna River (Chesapeake Bay Commission)--John Arway

6/6/12--DEP Sec. Krancer response to 5/16/12 letter from retired DEP employees

5/21/12--PFBC response letter to DEP regarding draft 303(d) list

5/16/12--Letter from retired DEP employees to DEP supporting PFBC position

4/25/12--PFBC letter to Shawn Garvin, Regional Administrator, U.S. EPA

4/16/12--DEP Sec. Krancer response to 4/4/12 letter from Executive Director Arway

4/4/12--Executive Director Arway letter to DEP Sec. Krancer

4/12/10--Executive Director Arway letter and Board of Commissioners resolution to Shawn Garvin, Regional Administrator, U.S. EPA

PFBC Comments on Draft 2012 Pennsylvania Integrated Water Quality Monitoring and Assessment Report
[Supporting Data (MS Excel)]

Lycoming College Presentations May 2012

Susquehanna River Health A Legislative Briefing by John Arway April 2011