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New to fishing? You came to the right place! Follow the links below to get basic beginner information that will get you fishing in no time.

Basic fishing skills & equipment
Learn some basic fishing skills and learn more about what equipment you will need to get started.

Family Fishing Programs
Educational programs designed for families with little or no fishing experience. Families will learn basic fishing skills and have an opportunity to practice those skills while fishing together during the program. In addition to Family Fishing, there are specialized programs for family ice fishing, family fly-fishing and a SMART angler program for youth between the ages of 8 and 12.

Fishing near you
Wherever you are in Pennsylvania, there are plenty of good fishing spots nearby. This page will get you going in the right direction with a listing of interactive maps designed to guide anglers and boaters, along with other helpful resources.

Pennsylvania Fish Species
Pennsylvania is home to many popular game fish, including trout, bass, musky, walleye, steelhead, panfish and many more! Our PA Fishes page has links to species feature pages and other fish-centric info.

Rules to know before you go (PA fishing regulations)
Links to pages that explain Pennsylvania fishing regulations and laws, and related pages.

Get a PA fishing license
Options on where to buy a Pennsylvania fishing license.

Calendar of Fishing & Boating Events
Find fishing programs (table view) near you. Also shows opening days (table view), sport shows (table view) and other Commission programs and events.

Ice / Winter Fishing
Tips and destinations for winter and ice fishing in Pennsylvania.

Mentored Youth Program
Program to introduce youths under 16 years of age to fishing by having an adult mentor them.

Gaun First Catch Center
Angler education programs and fishing meet-ups in the five county Philadelphia metro area.