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License ButtonBrought back by popular demand in 2014, this custom button is similar to the buttons offered by the Commission in the 1930s, 1940s, 1950s, and in 1974 and 1975. As this re-introduced product has become very popular with anglers and collectors, we’ve compiled the following “Frequently Asked Questions” to provide detailed information about these license buttons.

Who is eligible to purchase an annual license button?

The annual buttons will be available to all current, adult and youth Pennsylvania fishing license customers who possess a valid Pennsylvania fishing license that enables them to fish for the entire year. Lifetime Senior License and Multi-Year License holders can also purchase the buttons. For all eligible customers, the buttons are NOT required by law, and they are an optional purchase.

Will Senior Lifetime License and Multi-year License holders receive a different button?

No. As the annual button design is universal for all license types, these license holders who desire to purchase the optional button would need to purchase an annual button for each new license year. Aside from having the angler's unique CID (customer identification) number on the button and the year date change, the button color and design will be the same for all license types purchased each year. This includes Resident, Non-Resident, Senior Resident, Multi-Year, Lifetime Licenses and the new Voluntary Youth Licenses.

Do I need to purchase a fishing license in order to purchase a license button?

Yes. The purchase of a traditional (paper) Pennsylvania fishing license is a requirement in order to purchase the optional license button.

What is the price?

$10 per button.

What is the size and how are the buttons manufactured?

Each custom button will measure 1 3/4 inches (same size as past vintage buttons) with a high-quality pin-back design and feature the angler's customer identification number (CID), the same as the number displayed on a paper license.

Can I purchase additional buttons?

Yes, individuals possessing a valid fishing license which enables them to fish for the entire year can purchase additional Alternate Display Annual Fishing License Buttons, but you can only purchase one per transaction with each button individually processed and mailed.

Where can I purchase a license button?

License buttons can be purchased online at the Commission’s secure e-commerce site,, and at the following PFBC locations:

  • PFBC Headquarters (Harrisburg)
  • PFBC North Central Regional Office
  • PFBC Northeast Regional Office
  • PFBC Northwest Regional Office
  • PFBC South Central Regional Office
  • PFBC Southeast Regional Office
  • PFBC Southwest Regional Office
  • PFBC Walnut Creek Access Office
  • PFBC Linesville State Fish Hatchery Visitors Center

Visit the PFBC’s online directory for specific details about these locations.

License buttons can also be purchased at all of the more than 700 license issuing agents located throughout Pennsylvania.

While buttons can be purchased at these PFBC locations, from license issuing agents and online, delivery of all buttons purchased will occur within 4-6 weeks of when they are ordered. The delivery time provides adequate time for the buttons to be personalized with the individual license buyer’s CID.

If I’ve already purchased my fishing license and I want to purchase a license button through the Commission’s Outdoor Shop, what’s the process for ordering?

Upon entering your CID or one of the other options for identification, the Outdoor Shop’s point-ofsale system will cross-reference your information, and the correct CID will be applied to your button order. As long as you have a current license that enables you to fish the entire year, the system will then be able to verify that you are permitted to purchase a button.

Do I need to display my license button while I’m fishing?

No. Beginning in 2020, the requirement to display a fishing license or license button was removed. Anglers merely need to carry a valid license while fishing.

We still encourage anglers to display the license button. This allows a Waterways Conservation Officer to quickly and easily verify that anglers are legally licensed without inconveniencing them. Anglers must have the valid paper license in their possession along with another positive means of identification to establish their identity.