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There are four new Voluntary Permits available in 2019. These optional permits provide anglers with an opportunity to provide financial support to specific programs and projects. Each is available as an annual, 3-year, 5-year or 10-year permit.

Revenue from the sales of each permit will be placed in a restricted account and will be used to support new efforts or expand existing endeavors. Voluntary Permit funds collected in 2019 will be used in 2020, to increase the impacts of existing Pennsylvania Fish & Boat Commission (PFBC) resources. This funding may also be used to match partner funds to magnify benefits.

Display of the Voluntary Permits is not required. Information on permits and the ways funds may be used is below.

Voluntary Habitat/Waterways Conservation Permit

Voluntary PermitAnnual Permit Cost: $10 plus $1.90 vendor fee

Revenue from this permit will be used to make improvements to stream, river, lake and wetland habitats. Funds generated by this permit will be used to:

    • Purchase additional equipment and supplies to build and install submerged lake habitat structure, and in-stream habitat improvement
    • Match other funding sources designated for water-quality improvements in the Susquehanna River and Chesapeake Bay
    • Purchase materials and supplies for the creation of riparian buffer
    • Support efforts for fish passage or dam removal

Voluntary Musky Permit

Voluntary PermitAnnual Permit Cost: $10 plus $1.90 vendor fee

Funds from this permit will be used to provide additional support to the Commission’s efforts to expand musky fishing. These funds will be used to:

    • Purchase additional hatchery equipment such as feeders, rearing tanks and water treatment, allowing the Commission to raise more fingerlings
    • Purchase minnows to feed growing fingerlings, enabling PFBC to stock larger fingerlings, which have greater chance of reaching legal size
    • Buy larger fingerlings from commercial sources to supplement stocking efforts
    • Fund research on natural reproduction of Muskellunge
    • Purchase additional tagging equipment and PIT tag readers
    • Support efforts to increase angler awareness of musky fishing and the skills needed to catch the fish of a lifetime
    • Establish 6 to 8 Enhanced (destination) Musky Waters
    • Develop technology that will allow anglers to provide catch information to PFBC in an easy and convenient method

Voluntary Bass Permit

Voluntary PermitAnnual Permit Cost: $10 plus $1.90 vendor fee

Permit funds will be used to support the Commission’s efforts related to the management of black bass fisheries. This includes:

    • The development of technology that allows anglers to provide PFBC with information on angler use, catch and harvest (similar technology can be applied for tournament reporting)
    • Improvements to boat access at key bass fishing waters
    • Habitat improvement in small cool- and warm-water streams to increase natural reproduction
    • The support of efforts to maintain and improve Pennsylvania’s Best Bass Fishing Waters
    • Providing financial support for hatchery improvements to increase the number and size of black bass raised in PFBC hatcheries

Voluntary Wild Trout & Enhanced Waters Permit

Annual Permit Cost: $25 plus $1.90 vendor fee

Voluntary PermitThis permit will be used to benefit wild trout and will not be used on stocked trout programs or projects. Funds will be used to:

    • Support projects to upgrade the quality of a trout fishery that results in an increase of the stream’s classification (Example: Class B to Class A)
    • Improve in-stream habitat, such as adding large woody debris or limestone sand dosing for acidic streams
    • Fund gill lice research on wild Brook Trout
    • Leverage other funding to support removal of culvert blockage work
    • Support efforts to maintain and improve Pennsylvania’s Best Wild Trout Fishing Waters
    • Help prevent the spread of invasive species through signage and public education
    • Develop a climate change strategy for wild trout
    • Mitigate the impacts from hemlock declines/loss of shading for coldwater streams

The Wild Trout and Enhanced Waters permit does not meet the requirement to fish for trout or salmon in Pennsylvania waters.