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Mentored Youth Trout Days

    • March 26, 2022, 8:00 a.m. - 7:30 p.m. - Statewide 
      (Includes Stocked Trout Waters listed for Regional and Statewide Opening Days of Trout Season.)

Youth anglers must obtain a Mentored Youth Permit OR a Voluntary Youth Fishing License from the Commission and be accompanied by an licensed adult angler to participate.

Anglers 16 years of age or older (adult anglers) must possess a valid Pennsylvania Fishing License and a current Trout/Salmon Permit, and be accompanied by a youth (less than 16 years of age) who has obtained a Mentored Youth Fishing Permit OR a Voluntary Youth Fishing License from the Commission.

Only youth anglers with a Voluntary Youth Fishing License OR Mentored Youth Permit may possess a total of two trout (combined species) with a minimum length of 7 inches. Adult anglers are prohibited from possessing trout.

All other Commonwealth Inland Water regulations apply. Special regulation areas are not included in the program. It is unlawful to fish in waters designated as part of the Mentored Youth Fishing Day Program except when participating in the program.

The PFBC is providing this opportunity for youth to fish with their mentors and it is not intended as a chance for mentors to get an early start to trout season. Mentors fishing with youth on these dates should follow these guidelines:

  • Youth should be capable of fishing on their own, with limited assistance from mentor.
  • Mentor should be fishing within a reasonable distance of actively fishing youth.
  • The PFBC is discouraging youth organizations from using this as an opportunity to get a large group of youth fishing, with minimal adult supervision.

The Mentored Youth Permit is free.

The Voluntary Youth License is $2.97 ($1 cost + $1 issuing agent fee + $0.97 PALS transaction fee).

Why Buy?
For each Voluntary Youth License purchased for $2.97 (or Voucher once it is redeemed), the PFBC receives $5 back in funding as a Federal reimbursement. These funds are dedicated to be used in youth outreach and education programs. The Commission receives no Federal reimbursement for Mentored Youth Permits.

While both the permit and the Voluntary Youth License provide the opportunity for youth to fish on Mentored Youth Fishing Days, the Voluntary Youth License provides an extended return for both Pennsylvania’s youth and the Commission, the Commission encourages anglers to purchase either a Voluntary Youth License or a Voluntary Youth License Voucher—for the future of fishing!

Instructions for buying Voluntary & Mentored Youth licenses

More information about the Voluntary Youth Fishing License

Youth permits, voluntary licenses and vouchers are available at or at Commission licensing agents.

Please note that once an individual turns 16, he or she must possess a valid fishing license. The youth permit or voluntary youth license is only valid until the individual turns 16.


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