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All About Snakes
Snakes Crossword Puzzle

Amphibian Acoustics Activity
Frog and toad calls activity.

Amphibian Quiz
ID worksheet. Identify common species of frogs, toads and salamanders. 

Growing Up Amphibian
Puzzle – Frogs and toads are an amphibian. They don’t just hatch from eggs and look like adults. They go through metamorphosis.

Salamanders of Pennsylvania 
17 x 22 inch color poster showing the variety of salamanders found in Pennsylvania.

Salamander Sudoku
Know your salamanders? Try your luck with Salamander Sudoku!

Salamander vs. Lizard Ven Diagram
Know the difference and similarities between salamanders and lizards? Try your skills with this “Ven” diagram.

Traveling Salamanders
Coloring – Design your own salamander!

Turtles of Pennsylvania 
17 x 22 inch color poster showing the variety of turtles found in Pennsylvania.



Coloring Pages







PLAY Newsletters

You can find additional activities and crafts on the last page of every PLAY newsletter!

PLAY: Introduction to Amphibians
PLAY brochure containing the following articles –
Introduction to Amphibians; PA Amphibian Family Tree, What is an Amphibian?; The March Migration Madness; Where do Amphibians Live?; and Amphibian Acoustics Activity.

PLAY: Introduction to Reptiles
PLAY brochure containing the following articles -
What a reptile is; Turtles; Reptile family tree; Snakes and the law concerning reptiles.

PLAY: Handsome Hoppers
PLAY brochure containing the following articles –
Growing Up Amphibian; Could You Croak that Again Please?; Frog or Toad What is the Difference?; Hop to It; Frogs and Toads of PA.

PLAY: PA Lizards
PLAY brochure containing the following articles –
League of Lizards; Lizard or Skink: What do you think?; Defense on a Fence (Eastern Fence Lizard); Don’t Blink or you may miss this “cool” skink (Northern Coal Skink); Reading Between the Lines (Five-Lined Skink); Another Tall “tail”- The red-headed Scorpion (Broadhead Skink); Scales vs. Slime – Who’s Who?

PLAY: PA Salamanders
PLAY brochure containing the following articles –
Secret Salamander Treasures; Growing Up Salamander; Salamander Secrets; PA’s Most Fascinating Salamanders; Travelling Salamanders; Salamander Sudoku.

PLAY: PA Snakes
PLAY brochure containing the following articles –
Aren’t Snakes Spectacular?; All About Snakes (Crossword); Common Snakes of PA; Venomous Snakes in PA.





The following two links are playlists that will take you through all of PFBC’s videos related to amphibians and reptiles OR you can go through them individually by clicking links below.

American Toad (Calling)
American Toads breed during the spring and are especially active during the month of May following significant rainfall events. Check out this video to see an American Toad “singing.” Also check out the video description to learn more about American Toads!

Eastern Rat Snake (A.K.A. Black Rat Snake)
Black Rat Snakes (also known as Eastern Ratsnakes) are one of PA’s largest, native snakes. At maturity, they can reach lengths of six to nearly eight feet. They are well known as tree climbers, as evidenced by the video footage. Check out the video description to learn more.

Growing Up Amphibian (Bullfrog Tadpole)
This video introduces viewers to a Bullfrog Tadpole. Watch how it awkwardly swims in its aquatic home. Check out the video description to learn how frogs begin their life, what metamorphosis is and to find links to help you learn more about PA frogs and toads.

PA Native Turtles
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Pennsylvania is home to more than a dozen native species of turtles, many of which are threatened by illegal collection and trade

Snapping Turtle
Keep an eye out for Snapping Turtles in streams in the Spring. They are active from April-October and spend the rest of the year hibernating in mud burrows. They like basking in the sun, foraging for food, and resting.

Timber Rattlesnake
This video introduces viewers to the PA Timber Rattlesnake. You can hear its tail rattling in the video. Check out the video description to learn more about a common rattlesnake myth and where to learn more!

Wood Turtle
This video features a Wood Turtle just before hibernation! Check it out to learn more.



Additional Resources

A Picta Worth a Thousand Words: Portrait of a Painted Turtle
Brochure on one of Pennsylvania's most popular turtles: The Painted Turtle.

Beautiful Bufo
Information on the three kinds of toads found in Pennsylvania, their life history and identification.

Birth of a Snake
Fact sheet describes type reproduction of snakes; viviparous, oviparous, ovoviviparous.

Bog Turtles: Slipping Away
Brochure on biology and ecology of bog turtle. Includes information on causes of population decline and Commission efforts to protect and restore bog turtles.

Frog and Toad Metamorphosis
This fact sheet shows the steps in metamorphosis from egg through adult stages.

Lizards and Skinks of Pennsylvania
Identifies lizards and skinks found in PA. Includes photos, food, habitat, range, characteristics and identification of lizards and skinks found in PA.

The March Migration Madness
Amphibians migration to vernal ponds.

Moles in the Pool: Spotted Salamanders
Brochure about the spotted salamanders. Their identification, habitat and future.

Northern Copperhead
Biology and ecology of the Northern Copperhead. Includes information on habitat, reproduction and range.

PA Amphibian Family Tree
Taxonomic tree of Pennsylvania's amphibians.

Seeing Spots: The Northern Leopard Frog
Brochure on biology and ecology of the northern leopard frog. Includes information on habitat, reproduction and range.

Snakes in Basements and Buildings
How to discourage, in an environmentally friendly way, snakes from entering homes and other buildings.

Snakes in Pennsylvania
Identifies commonly encountered snakes. How to identify venomous from non-venomous snakes. Also includes some general biology and ecology information. Includes links to other snake web pages.

Those Other Turtles
Discusses spotted and wood turtles.

Timber Rattlesnake
Discusses the timber rattlesnake - description, life history, distribution, threats and conservation, the future, etc.

What is an "Amphibian"?
Characteristics of amphibians and their differences from other animals.

Where Do Amphibians Live?
Habitat of amphibians.