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Aquatic Habitat photos 

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Help This Habitat
Help decide what type of habitat and where to place it in the lake and stream settings!

The Nuisance Species
“Board Game” – Get from start to finish while working to stop the spread of aquatic nuisance species.

Aquatic Invasive Species – Troublemakers
Unscramble the words to find out who the troublemakers are in PA’s waterways.

Water Quality
Test your water quality knowledge with this word search.

All About Trout – Key Habitats
Help the trout find a good home in this stream. Cut out the life stages of the trout and paste them into the stream where they can survive best.

Lake Habitat Improvement Maps
Locate a lake near you that has PFBC habitat projects. You may be surprised what you will find if you fish near them!


Coloring Pages


PLAY Newsletters

You can find additional activities and crafts on the last page of every PLAY newsletter!

“Fishing is Reel Fun” booklet
This 18-page activity booklet is full of fishing and boating information to help anglers and boaters of all ability levels enjoy safe, fun, and year-round outdoor adventures in Pennsylvania. Enjoy!

PLAY: Good Fishing Needs Good Habitat
PLAY brochure containing the following articles –
Good Fishing Needs Good Habitat; Recipe for a Healthy Stream; Stream Improvement Toolbox; Lake Improvement Toolbox; Help this Habitat (activity).

PLAY: H2O on the GO
PLAY brochure containing the following articles –
H2O on the Go; The Water Cycle; Water Cycle and Pollution; Pollution Points; Water Cycle and Water Pollution (word search).

PLAY: PA's Least Wanted: Aquatic Nuisance Species
PLAY article identifiying what ANS is, the 10 most common found in PA, where they come from, and the damage they can do to a habitat.

PLAY: Sci-fi in the Real World
PLAY brochure containing the following articles –
Sci-fi in the Real World; Beware of Hitchhikers; Troublemakers (word scramble); PA’s Water Invaders; Stop the Invaders; Information.

PLAY: Watersheds and Stream Order
PLAY issue that discusses what a watershed is and the concept of stream order.

PLAY: Water Flows Through PA
PLAY brochure containing the following articles -
Water Flows Through PA; PA’s Biggest Watershed; The water in the City of Pittsburgh; PA’s Eastern Border is a River; Most Famous of the Three Smaller Watersheds; Keep Your watersheds Clean; Let’s Review.

PLAY: “Water Water” Read All About It
PLAY brochure containing the following articles -
“Water Water” Read All About It; Water Temperature; Dissolved Oxygen; pH; Alkalinity; Turbidity and Transparency; Water Quality (word search).



The following two links are playlists that will take you through all of PFBC’s videos related to aquatic habitat, conservation and pollution OR you can go through them individually by clicking links below.

Aquatic Invasive Species Prevention
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This video highlights the importance of recognition of aquatic invasive species and the accompanying text explains how to prevent the spread of AIS.

Aquatic Resource Management – PA Fish and Boat Commission
This video introduces viewers to PFBC’s work in aquatic resource protection and management.

Beltzville Lake Habitat Underwater Video
This video features several lake habitat structures and a variety fish using the structures after placement in the lake. The video also provides text on the types of structure and fish seen using it. Check out the video and the caption to learn more.

Frances Slocum Lake Habitat Project
This video features another one of PFBC’s numerous lake habitat projects across the state. The success of projects, like this one, is attributed to local, County and State partners, as well as, local volunteers. Check out the video caption to learn more about this project.

Ice Fishing – GOOD habitat = GOOD Fishing!
This video features a panfish, in winter, hanging tight to habitat structure in a lake and “taking the bait.” Check out the video caption to learn more.

Lake Habitat Section Catfish Spawning Box
This video takes you “underwater” to see how Channel Catfish protect their spawning box from the outside AND it even takes you into their spawning box to see their young. Check out the video caption to learn more.

Stream Habitat – Case Study
This slide show introduces viewers to the difference Stream Habitat management projects can make on streams. Little Lehigh Creek is the stream featured in this presentation. Check out this slide show to learn more.

Stream Habitat - Case Study
This slide show introduces viewers to the difference Stream Habitat management projects can make on streams. This slide show features Spring Creek, Centre County. Check out this slide show to learn more. 

The Water Quality of the Susquehanna River is Everyone’s Concern
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The PFBC works to provide habitat improvement and improved water quality for everyone’s benefit.


Additional Resources

A River Flows Through It
This brochure describes the river continuum concept and how we all live "downstream."

Great Fishing Needs Great Habitat
Stream habitat and the importance of stream and lake restoration.

Focus On Habitat of Brook Trout
Information about Brook Trout, their habitat needs and their food chain.

Largemouth Bass: Focus on Habitat
This handout describes and shows the habitat for a largemouth bass.

Six Ways to the Sea
Introduction to the six major watersheds in Pennsylvania and the waters that drain them. Includes information on the Ohio, Susquehanna, Delaware Rivers.

Stream Reader
This detailed publication talks about how to find information about the natural world through analyzing the structure and composition of a stream.

Timbering and Trout
Describes the impact that timbering can have on trout streams, and steps that can be taken to lessen its impact.

The Basics of Water Pollution in Pennsylvania
What makes for a healthy aquatic habitat and how water pollution can influence life within a habitat.

Wetlands: Why Do Fish Need Them?
Connection between fish and wetlands, why we all need wetlands.