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Aquatic Macroinvertebrates photos 

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Collecting Critters 
Crossword puzzle with tips on how to collect aquatic macroinvertebrates. 

Critter Collectors
Plans and instructions for making kick nets and pop bottle bug traps. Also includes information on how to use these tools.

Crayfish Maze
Help the crayfish find the end of this maze.

Match the Hatch
Fun matching game to learn which aquatic insect nymph or larvae go with which adult insect.


Coloring Pages


PLAY Newsletters

You can find additional activities and crafts on the last page of every PLAY newsletter!

PLAY: Crazy for Crayfish
PLAY brochure containing the following articles -
Intro to Crayfish; A Closer Look at Crayfish; Crayfish Habitats; Counting On Crayfish; Crayfish in Trouble; Crayfish Maze.

PLAY: Flex Your Mussel Knowledge
PLAY brochure containing the following articles -
Intro to Mussels; Healthy Mussels = Healthy Water; Where do Mussels Live?; Birth of New Mussels; Why are Mussels in Danger?; Which Mussels are in Danger?; Can Mussels Move? Matching game.

PLAY: Six Legs Underwater
PLAY brochure containing the following articles -
Six Legs Underwater; Family Affair; A Bug’s Life; A Wet World; Match the Hatch matching game; Critter Collectors – Build your own!



The following link is a playlist that will take you through all of PFBC’s videos related to aquatic macroinvertebrates OR you can go through them individually by clicking links below.

Caddis Party
This video introduces viewers to newly hatched Grannom caddisflies, crawling on rocks. Check out the video description for more details about these cool critters.

Mayfly Nymph Underwater
This video introduces viewers to a mayfly nymph crawling on the stream bottom. Check out the video description for more details about these cool critters.

Mussel Mania
This video introduces viewers to a common, PA mussel, the Plain Pocketbook mussel, and its unique way of luring in a fish. Check out the video description to learn why this mussel is trying to lure in a fish and to find the link to learn more about PA mussels and their importance to PA waters.

One Tree’s Legacy: Newly hatched caddis flies
This video introduces viewers to a fallen, hollowed out tree, providing refuge for newly hatched Grannom caddisflies, flying in “slo-mo”! Check out the video description for more details.


Additional Resources

All Aquatic Insect Fact Sheets
Document that includes: Six Legs Underwater; Ena or Elpa?; Caddis flies; Mayflies; Stoneflies; Macroinvertebrate Feeding Frenzy.

Caddis Flies
Fact sheet detailing life cycle of the caddis fly. Includes the natural history of caddis fly and Pennsylvania specific information. 

Clams and Mussels
Introduction to clams and mussels and their anatomy.

Crazy Crayfish
Fact sheet describing crayfish, tips for collecting and storing, and list of common species in Pennsylvania.

Dragons and Damsels
Fact sheet on the life cycle of dragon and damselflies.

Information on the lifecycle of Dobsonflies.

Ena or Elpa?
Fact sheet describes insect metamorphosis, complete and incomplete, especially in aquatic insects.

Macroinvertebrate Feeding Frenzy
Feeding practices of macroinvertebrates.

Information on the life cycle of mayflies.

Information on nightcrawlers and how to collect them.

Information on phytoplankton, types and biology. Good introduction to these microscopic plants.

Pond and Stream Study Guide
Guide to interpreting the physical and chemical factors of waters, fishes found in those waters and a useful key to macroinvertebrate life.

An introduction to snails and snail anatomy.

Information on their life cycle and biology.

Water Walkers
Fact sheet sharing information about insects “walking on water”, how and why.

Information and identification of different types of zooplankton.