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Kayak Fishing

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Coldwater Safety
Crossword puzzle on important coldwater safety topics.

Float Plan
Practice writing out a float plan before your next boating adventure.

Pocket First Aid Kit
Description of how to assemble a simple pocket sized first aid kit.

R3 Activities
Four activities to reinforce your knowledge of recruitment, retention, and reactivation.

The Gear Game
What to pack for a paddling trip. Fun word scramble of paddling terms.

Water Rescue
Can you find all the water rescue words? Crossword puzzle.

Wear It Pennsylvania Pledge Card
Take the Wear It Pennsylvania Pledge


Coloring Pages


PLAY Newsletters

You can find additional activities and crafts on the last page of every PLAY newsletter!

Read Along with PFBC playlist
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Listen and/or read along with PFBC staff as they share Pennsylvania League of Angling Youth newsletters in a video format.

“Fishing is Reel Fun” booklet
This 18-page activity booklet is full of fishing and boating information to help anglers and boaters of all ability levels enjoy safe, fun, and year-round outdoor adventures in Pennsylvania. Enjoy!

PLAY: "My Adventures" write-your-own story booklet
With this 12-page activity booklet you can write-your-own adventure about a trip on or near a PA waterway (e.g. stream, river, pond, lake). You can also share something you learn, share how you would teach someone else about what you learned, and share a memory that you will keep with you as you grow. Begin your story today!

PLAY: A Day at the Lake
PLAY issue containing the following articles –
A Day at the Lake, It’s a Summertime Break; Getting Started Fishing Fun; Basic Boating Safety; Find Your Fit; Different Boats for Different Folks; What Fish Can you Expect to Catch (word scramble & matching game).

PLAY: AngleR3 Education
PLAY issue containing the following articles –
The 3R’s of Being a SMART Angler, From 3R’s to R3-What’s New, Let’s talk Recruitment, Retention, Reactivation, Practice Your R3’s (activity page).

PLAY: Back to Basics – Boats
PLAY issue containing the following articles –
Back to basics: Boats; The Best Way to Stay Afloat; Boats Come in all Shapes and Sizes; Before you hit the water; Now you know the parts of a canoe and paddle (word search).

PLAY: Back to Basics – Paddling Techniques
PLAY issue containing the following articles –
Back to the Basics: Paddling Techniques; Loading Your Boat; Get Moving:Canoes; Get Moving: Kayaks; Around the Bend (word scramble).

PLAY: Back to Basics – Paddling Gear
PLAY issue containing the following articles –
Paddling Gear; Boat Notes: Canoes; Boat Notes: Kayaks; Pick a Paddle; Pick a Life Jacket; The Gear Game (Crossword Puzzle)

PLAY: Back to Basics – Paddling Water Safety
PLAY issue containing the following articles –
Back to the Basics: Water Safety For Paddlers; Taking the Big Plunge; Hazards on the Water; Reading a River; Following the Sequence, The Rescue Sequence; Throw a Bag; The Rescue Game (Crossword Puzzle)

PLAY: Big Waterways Big Boating Fun
PLAY issue containing the following articles –
Big Waterways, Big Boating Fun; Float Plan; PA’s Big Lake; Three Rivers; Susquehanna River; Delaware River; Know Your Waterway.

PLAY: Fishing From a Human-powered Boat
PLAY issue containing the following articles – Fishing from a Human-powered Boat; Types of Human-powered Boats; Boating Safety First; Let’s Go Fishing; Fishing from Kayaks; Do Your Homework; Write a Float Plan (activity)

PLAY: Kayak Fishing
PLAY issue containing the following articles –
Kayak Fishing; Paddling Safety; Basic Fishing Setup; Fishing Kayak Basic Setup; Fishing Kayak Advanced Setup; Competitive Kayak Fishing Tournaments; Kayak Fishing (Word Search).

PLAY: Water Safety
PLAY issue containing the following articles –
Dangers around the water; Prepare to Fall In; Hook safety & removal; Homemade Water Rescue; A Stringer of Safety Tips.



The following two links are playlists that will take you through all of PFBC’s videos related to kayak fishing OR you can go through them individually by clicking links below.

How to Outfit a Kayak for Fishing
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During an Intro to Kayak Fishing Program, Western Regional Outreach and Education Coordinator, Chad Foster, an avid kayak angler, teaches participates how to outfit (or rig) a kayak for kayak angling.

How to Use a Water Rescue Throw Bag 
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Chris Calhoun, lead water rescue instructor trainer for the PFBC, along with his daughter Jessica, provide an overview and tips on the use of a water rescue throw bag. He reviews the different style types, features/anatomy, throwing techniques, setup location considerations, how to receive the bag as a victim and the risks and hazards that must be considered when using this tool.

Intro to Kayak Fishing Program
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The PFBC held its first Kayak Fishing Program on Saturday, July 18, at Bald Eagle State Park. Participants learned about basic kayak skills and safety, how to outfit a kayak for fishing and learned about kayak fishing techniques. Guest expert presenter was Pennsylvania Angler & Boater contributor Jeff Woleslagle. As shown in the video, Jeff is followed by PFBC educator Chad Foster, who is also a tournament kayak angler. PFBC educator Adam Spangler rounds out the station-based instruction by covering both kayak basics, required and recommended equipment, and boating safety.

Boating Opportunities: PA Fish and Boat Commission
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This video introduces viewers to PA boating opportunities. Check out the video caption to learn more.

PFBC Water Safety Tips- Kayaking
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Before you head out on the water to paddle, learn about the equipment that is required (lifejacket, whistle, and unpowered registration or launch permit). Although not required, consider bringing sunscreen, bugspray, water, sunglasses, a hat, and a drybag to make your trip more comfortable and enjoyable. And be sure to get comfortable on non-moving water first, paddle with a friend, and tell someone your float plan. Stay safe!

PFBC Water Safety Tips with Chris – Capsizing
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What should you do if you capsize your boat? This video provides general safety tips to manage the unexpected plunge into the water.

PFBC Water Safety Tips with Chris- Drowning Prevention
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This clip will provide water safety tips to reduce and prevent drowning. At some point, you or someone on your boat will end up in the water. Your first line of defense for drowning prevention is to wear a properly sized life jacket and know how to swim. Take a boating and water safety skills class from an instructor, organization, or agency.

Regulations Station- VFFP 2020
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In this video, SE Region Outreach & Education Coordinator, Andrew Desko, provides the “Regulations” portion of our Virtual Family Fishing Program. This video provides a brief explanation of the types of regulations around fishing, and how and where to find the fishing regulations. 

River Kayaking- Wear It, PA!
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The US Coast Guard says that nearly 85% of all boating facilities could have been prevented by wearing a life jacket. Protect yourself, family and friends by simply wearing a life jacket.

Strainer River Hazards
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This short video highlights the dangers of strainers for paddlers on the waterways. The information in the video is a must watch for every paddler, regardless of skill level.

Basic Kayak Skills and Safety
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During an Intro to Kayak Fishing Program, SC Regional Education Specialist, Adam Spangler, teaches participants about basic kayak skills and safety.

Learning to Kayak 101
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This video introduces viewers to basics on how to paddle a whitewater kayak. Check out the video caption for further details.

Mandatory Life Jacket Requirement (I)
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Boaters must wear a life jacket on boats less than 16 feet in length or any canoe or kayak.

Mandatory Life Jacket Requirement (II)
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Boaters must wear a life jacket on boats less than 16 feet in length or any canoe or kayak.

Paddling PA
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Canoeing, kayaking, and stand-up paddleboarding are very popular recreational water sports in Pennsylvania. Before you embark on your first kayak trip, you should know what is required by PA law; what is recommended; and what is just nice to have.

Family Kayak Trip Down Kettle Creek
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This video features PFBC Water Rescue Instructor, Chris Calhoun, and his daughter introducing kayak fishing. Check out the video caption to learn more.

Fishing Opportunities – PA Fish and Boat Commission
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This video introduces viewers to the fishing opportunities available in PA.

PFBC Virtual Family Fishing Program
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If you have always wanted to attend a PFBC Family Fishing Program (FFP) but have not yet had the opportunity to do so, the agency's Education staff have developed a Virtual FFP (VFFP) just for you!

Whether new to fishing, returning to fishing, or introducing someone to the sport of fishing, these videos- and the (in-person) Family Fishing Program, itself- will get you started in the right direction. Our virtual FFP videos provide a variety of educational "stations" that introduce you to the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission, the FFP program, Casting, Knot-Tying, All About Fish, How to be a SMART Angler, How to Rig and Bait a Rod for Fishing, and the Rules and Regulations you need to know before you go fishing. Each virtual "station" is also broken into short video clips and provided to you in a series-format on our YouTube channel and our Facebook page, so that you can watch only the videos that you wish, and in the order that you wish.

PFBC’s in-person Family Fishing Programs are for families with little or no fishing experience. Participants learn basic fishing skills and practice those skills while fishing during the program. The program is open to all ages, including children ages 5 and older. The program is free, and all equipment and bait is provided. NOTE: the fishing license requirement is waived during the program for participants age 16 and older.

We look forward to helping you begin this exciting new journey and hope to see you on the water soon!

National Safe Boating Week (2020)
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The weather is getting nicer and many of you are heading out on the water soon. Water safety starts before you are out on the water! Make sure your life jacket and other gear is functioning properly.

Safe Summer Boating News Conference (Philadelphia, July 1, 2020)
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Ahead of the busy Independence Day weekend, the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission teamed up with Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) and AAA Mid-Atlantic to remind boaters and drivers to stay safe and sober. For boaters, a few basic safety steps include wearing a life jacket, never boating under the influence of alcohol or drugs (choose a designated boater), have a float plan to let someone know where you are boating, and keep an eye on the weather forecast to avoid storms. Have a safe, enjoyable time on the water this weekend!

Boaters-Life Jackets Save Lives
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This video introduces viewers to the importance of life jackets.

Cold Water Boating Safety
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An informational video about the Cold Weather #WearItPA law and other paddle safety tips during cold weather.

Safe Boating Tips
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Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission Lt. Col. Larry Furlong recently appeared on Good Day PA to provide a Safe Boating Checklist for boaters preparing for the Memorial Day weekend and the summer beyond.

Safe Boating Basics
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This video introduces viewers to basic safe boating techniques. Check out the video description for more details.

“All About Fish” Station (Complete)- VFFP 2020
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Welcome to “All About Fish”, brought to you by the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission. In this video we introduce you to SW Region Education Specialist, Mandy Smith, who provides the complete "All About Fish” station of PFBC’s Virtual Family Fishing Program. You will learn "What Makes a Fish a Fish", "Identifying Characteristics of a Fish", and about "Fish Habitats and Local Fishing Opportunities in PA". The more you learn about the fish that you are trying to catch, the better angler you’ll become! Shorter, individual clips are available on both platforms for those who do not have time to watch the full-length version.

Fishing Techniques for Black Bass and Panfish
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During an Intro to Kayak Fishing Program, Jeff Woleslagle, freelance writer for the "Pennsylvania Angler and Boater" magazine and expert kayak angler, teaches participants about how to target Black Bass and Panfish while kayak fishing.


Fishing and Boating Maps/County Guides
Guides and maps for each county in Pennsylvania.

PA Water Trail Maps
These river-specific paddling guides are available via our water trail partners.

Paddle PA
Brochure with water trails, map, launch permit application, paddling safety tips, and much more!

Region Reports/County Guides
Commission's web index page of fishing and boating reports and guides. Includes links to hot spots for fish, regional reports, fishing and boating information for PA counties, etc.


Additional Resources

13-Point Small-Boat Checklist
Check list of items to inspect for a boat and equipment.

Boating Regulation Recap
Brochure provides a recap of current state laws and resent additions and changes to existing boating regulations.

Boating Under the Influence
BUI laws and consequences.

Choosing a Canoe for Fishing PA Waters
Items to consider when choosing a canoe.

Frequently Asked Questions: Boat Registration and Titling
Information for new boat owners. What to do after the purchase of a boat, including titling and registration.

Hazards on the Water  
Identifies hazards found on water such as low head dams, strainers, current, weather etc. Also includes information on how to avoid these hazards.

Personal Flotation Devices
Describes types of PFDs and their use. Also includes legal requirements.

Summertime Do's and Dont's
Describes the correct procedures to follow around a busy boat launch ramp in summer.

Zip and Buckle Up
Tips on personal flotation devices (PFD) and who is legally required to wear one.