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A River Flows Through It (WEB ONLY)
This brochure describes the river continuum concept and how we all live "downstream."  
Minimum grade level: HS

Great Fishing Needs Great Habitat (WEB ONLY)
Stream habitat and the importance of stream and lake restoration.  
Minimum grade level: HS  

Largemouth Bass: Focus on Habitat (WEB ONLY)
This handout describes and shows the habitat for a largemouth bass.  
Minimum grade level: ES-HS  

PLAY: PA's Least Wanted: Aquatic Nuisance Species (WEB ONLY)
PLAY article identifiying what ANS is, the 10 most common found in PA, where they come from, and the damage they can do to a habitat.  
Minimum grade level: ES-HS  

PLAY: Watersheds and Stream Order (WEB ONLY)
PLAY issue that discusses what a watershed is and the concept of stream order.
Minimum grade level: ES-MS  

Stream Reader (WEB ONLY)
This detailed publication talks about how to find information about the natural world through analyzing the structure and composition of a stream.  
Minimum grade level: MS-HS  

Timbering and Trout (WEB ONLY)
Describes the impact that timbering can have on trout streams, and steps that can be taken to lessen its impact.  
Minimum grade level: HS   


Bugs of the Underworld (DVD)
Natural history of aquatic insects; riveting documentary takes you fact to face with aquatic insects; underwater footage of the life cycles of mayflies, stone flies, caddisflies, and other amazing bugs.  
Minimum grade level: ES  

Life of the Lakes (Great Lakes Fishery) (VHS)
This video tells the story of the world's greatest freshwater fisher. It's majestic; it's mysterious.  
Minimum grade level: MS  

PA’s Vernal Ponds – Race Against Time (VHS/10 minutes)
Vernal, or seasonal ponds are pools of clear water formed by melting snow and spring rains, but they are fast disappearing; they are temporary wetlands that provide essential habitats for many unique plants and animals; experience a year in the life of this ephemeral but rich ecosystem; follow team of researchers as they uncover the stages of development for the amphibians and invertebrates dependent on these ponds.
Minimum grade level: ES

Wild Places: Lily Pad Pond (VHS/10 minutes)
Visit the lily pad pond to see what lives there. Many different species of plant and animals are shown, and their roles in the food chain are explained. Excellent photography and narrations accent this video.
Minimum grade level: ES