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Six Ways to the Sea (WEB ONLY)
Introduction to the six major watersheds in Pennsylvania and the waters that drain them. Includes information on the Ohio, Susquehanna, Delaware Rivers.  
Minimum grade level: MS   


Echoes Through Penn's Woods (VHS)
Identifying environmental problems in Pennsylvania and possible solutions.  
Minimum grade level: MS  

Great Lakes Invaders: The Sea Lamprey Battle Continues (VHS/25 minutes)
This video chronicles the Great Lakes Fishery Commission's efforts to control the sea lamprey and protect the world's largest freshwater ecosystem.  
Minimum grade level: MS  

Pennsylvania Conserving Nature's Diversity (VHS/17 minutes)
Talks about the diversity of life in Pennsylvania and what can be done to preserve this diversity.  
Minimum grade level: MS  

Stop Exotics: Clean Your Boat (VHS/11 minutes)
Video discussing Aquatic Nuisance Species. What they are, how they harm a habitat and how boaters can help prevent their spread.