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The Basics of Water Pollution in Pennsylvania (WEB ONLY)
What makes for a healthy aquatic habitat and how water pollution can influence life within a habitat.
Minimum grade level: MS-HS

Effects of Flood & Mud on Fish (FACT SHEET)
Fact sheet on the causes of erosion and sedimentation. Also described impacts of erosion and sedimentation on aquatic habitats.
Minimum grade level: ES


Acid Rain: A North American Challenge (VHS/15 Minutes)
Acid precipitation is destroying North America's natural and manmade environment. This video shows causes and what needs to be done to reduce acid rains effects on both sides of the border.
Minimum grade level: MS-HS

Acid Rain: Requiem or Recovery (VHS/26 Minutes)
An environmental awareness film showing the effects of acid rain and the need to implement action to minimize and eliminate its current and future damage to the environment.
Minimum grade level: MS-HS

People: A Solution to Waterway Pollution (VHS/12 Minutes)
Introduces waterway cleanup activities. Describes how to conduct a cleanup.
Minimum grade level: HS

Return From the Sea: The Restoration of American Shad to the Atlantic Coast (VHS/28 Minutes)
Overview of efforts to restore American Shad to Atlantic Coast.
Minimum grade level: MS

Surface Tension: Bubble-ology (VHS/15 Minutes)
Can anyone blow a soap bubble that's non-spherical? No way! Because of surface tension, soap film sticks together and always forms a sphere. Experiments with soap bubbles help kids learn more about what's holding them all together--surface tension.
Minimum grade level: ES