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Water & Wetlands

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Wetlands: Why Do Fish Need Them? (WEB ONLY)
Connection between fish and wetlands, why we all need wetlands.  
Minimum grade level: ES  


Americas Wetlands (VHS/27 Minutes)
Describes different types of wetlands found in the US and their status. Includes information on the value of wetlands, impacts of wetlands and regulatory efforts to protect these special habitats.  
Minimum grade level: MS  

Balancing Wetlands and Industrial Development (VHS/20 Minutes)
The film focuses on the planning of industrial development with concern for the environment, especially wetlands; also deals with facts about wetlands.  
Minimum grade level: MS  

Down the Drain (VHS/30 Minutes)
Video includes information on what happens when we put something down the drain, including its potential effect on drinking water. Includes educator's workbook.  
Minimum grade level: ES  

It's Found Underground (VHS/31 Minutes)
Introduces groundwater and the water cycle. Discusses importance of protecting drinking water.  
Minimum grade level: ES  

Water: A Precious Resource (VHS/23 Minutes)
A familiar substance we use everyday in countless ways, a powerful force that carves major features in the earths landscape, a substance upon with all life depends--this is Water: A Precious Resource.  
Minimum grade level: ES  

Water Cycle: Go With the Flow (VHS/14 Minutes)
Introduction to the water cycle and where drinking water comes from. Also introduces concept of watersheds and impact of pollution.  
Minimum grade level: ES  

Water Cycle and Erosion (VHS/12 Minutes)
Earth is a unique planet because it is able to sustain all three forms of water. Each stage of the water cycle is shown, along with how saltwater becomes fresh water, how clouds are formed, carbonic acid and its effects, and how the Grand Canyon was formed. Erosion and its effects on the land is also explained.  
Minimum grade level: ES  

Wealth in Wetlands (VHS/23 Minutes)
Wetlands were once scattered all over America, but now over half of them have been drained and most of those remaining are privately owned. Hear the personal convictions of five farmers who have made a place for wetlands on their farms. The many values of wetlands are covered.  
Minimum grade level: MS  

Wetlands: Maligned Treasure (VHS)
For years wetlands were considered unproductive and were destroyed for development. This film describes the importance of wetlands acting as a buffer zone between land and water.  
Minimum grade level: MS