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The Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission is committed to protecting and conserving PA's natural resources. Check out our latest projects to protect our waterways and wildlife:

Collecting Eastern Lampmussels

PFBC biologists recently collected some Eastern Lampmussels while sampling the West Branch Susquehanna River near Williamsport. Eastern Lampmussels are a rare species in the Susquehanna River watershed with limited distribution.

Mussels are indicators of water quality and can inform us if something is wrong long before other species can. If you like fishing or boating in Pennsylvania's streams, rivers, and lakes, then you like freshwater mussels!


Biologist Survey of Briar Creek Lake

PFBC biologists surveyed largemouth bass in Briar Creek Lake, Columbia County, in June and caught 22 fish ranging from 9 to 18 inches in length. While the catch rate was lower than that produced during a 2010 survey, the data suggests anglers still have the opportunity to catch some nice bass. Thirteen of the 22 bass caught in June 2022 measured 15 inches or longer.

Read the full survey.


Minsi Lake Turtle Basking Platforms

Minsi Lake in Northampton County got some new turtle basking platforms and porcupine cribs last week, thanks to help from the Northampton County Junior Conservation School and Friends of Minsi Lake.

Water turtles use these platforms to bask in the sun, which helps them stay clean and healthy.


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