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Threatened & Endangered Species

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This page is not intended to be a comprehensive guide to Pennsylvania endangered, threatened and candidate species, it is merely a collection of photos that we have gathered. The Pennsylvania Code website publishes the current list of Pennsylvania's endangered, threatened and candidate species.

Northern brook lamprey
Northern brook lamprey photo
photo--William L. Pflieger

Shortnose sturgeon
Shortnose sturgeon photo

Lake Sturgeons
Lake Sturgeon photo
photo--Rob Criswell

Atlantic Sturgeon
Atlantic Sturgeon photo
photo--Mike Hendrix, USFWS

Spotted Gar
Spotted gar photo
photo--Rob Criswell

Hickory Shad

Northern Riffleshell Mussel
Northern riffleshell mussel

Clubshell Mussel
Clubshell mussel photo
photo--Rob Criswell