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Jan/Feb 2000 Through Nov/Dec 2000 Index

Allegheny River

Boating on the Lower Allegheny River. Jeff Knapp. Mar/Apr, page 36.

Boating the Allegheny River's Pool 9. Jeff Knapp. Nov/Dec, page 55.

American Shad, Shad Fishing

Going to the Mat with Shad. Vic Attardo. May/Jun, page 8.

Lehigh River American Shad: The First Six Years. David A. Arnold. May/Jun, page 18.

Amphibians, Reptiles

Amphibians and Vernal Ponds. Karl Blankenship. Nov/Dec, page 49.

Picta Worth a Thousand Words: Portrait of a Painted Turtle, A. Andrew L. Shiels. Jan/Feb, page 27.

Bass, Largemouth, Smallmouth

Ice Fishing for Largemouth Bass. Vic Attardo. Jan/Feb, page 41.

Smallmouth Bass Lakes in the East. Vic Attardo. Sep/Oct, page 16.

Successful Jigging Techniques for Bass. Vic Attardo. Nov/Dec, page 8.


All About Engine Oil. Alex Zidock Jr. Jan/Feb, page 25.

Boating Reunion: Unsinkable Family Tradition. Terry Brady. Jan/Feb, page 12.

Boating's Surprising Effect on the American Economy. Greg Proteau. Sep/Oct, page 25.

Canoes for Pennsylvania's Twisty Streams. Cliff Jacobson. May/Jun, page 46.

Do's and Don'ts for Crowded Launch Ramps. Sep/Oct, page 26.

How to Use a VHF Radio. Thomas M. Kane. Jul/Aug, page 32.

New Outboard Engines, The. Alex Zidock Jr. Mar/Apr, page 20.

Recap of 1999 Pennsylvania Fatal Boating Accidents. Dan Martin. May/Jun, page 56.

Small-Stream Work. Cliff Jacobson. Jul/Aug, page 34.

Casting Lines with Dave Wolf

April Showers May Bring May Flowers. Mar/Apr, page 15.

Carp Fest. Sep/Oct, page 15.

Lure of a Large Fish, The. May/Jun, page 24.

New Millennium, The. Jan/Feb, page 16.

Tale of Two Waters. Jul/Aug, page 38.

Clarion River

Clarion River Trout and Bass. Jeff Knapp. May/Jun, page 41.

Conserve 2000

"Can I Get There?" Heidi Milbrand. Jul/Aug, page 46.

Conserve 2000: Resource First. Carl Richardson. Nov/Dec 00, page 36.

Habitat and the Brook Trout. Walt Dietz. Mar/Apr, page 50.

Migratory Fish Restoration. Carl Richardson. May/Jun, page 25.

On the Road to Extinction. Laurel Garlicki. Jan/Feb, page 50.

PA's Threatened and Endangered Fishes. Walt Dietz. Sep/Oct, page 27.

Fish, Fishing

14 Tackle Tips. Lou Elkes. Sep/Oct, page 51.

Aids for Aging Anglers. Bob Quarteroni. Nov/Dec, page 44.

Fishing in Philadelphia. Vic Attardo. Jul/Aug, page 8.

Future Climate: Cloudy for Some Fish? Karl Blankenship. Sep/Oct, page 54.

How's and Why's of Fishing Regulations, The. Linda Steiner. Sep/Oct, page 20.

Growing Up in Pittsburgh. Kevin Phillips. Nov/Dec 00, page 21.

Pennsylvania's Northern Pike. Jeff Knapp. Nov/Dec 00, page 28.

Rigging for Drifting. Mike Bleech. Jul/Aug, page 13.

Shoreline Fishing at Conewago Falls. Robert H. Miller. May/Jun, page 54.

Take a Kid Wild-Trout Fishing. Don Feigert. May/Jun, page 44.

Training a Fishing Partner. Samuel Shiels. Jan/Feb, page 57.

Why I Keep Score. Mark A. Nale. Jan/Feb, page 56.

Fishin' from the Kitchen

Mozzarella-Topped Crappies. Wayne Phillips. Jul/Aug, page 60.

Pike Chowder. Wayne Phillips. Nov/Dec, page 60.

Poached Rainbow Trout. Wayne Phillips. Mar/Apr, page 60.

Potato-Crusted Smallmouth Bass. Wayne Phillips. Sep/Oct, page 58.

Sauger Florentine. Wayne Phillips. Jan/Feb, page 60.

Walleye Stir Fry. Wayne Phillips. May/Jun, page 60.

"Fishing and Boating Memories Last a Lifetime" Contest Winning Entries

Memories of Seven Points. Dale R. Hartman. Mar/Apr, page 35.

Flies, Fly Tying

Burnt-Wing Blue Dun, A. Chauncy K. Lively. Mar/Apr, page 16.

Foam-Bodied Humpy, A. Chauncy K. Lively. May/Jun, page 16.

Hendrickson Emerger, The. Charles R. Meck. Nov/Dec, page 34.

March Brown Nymph, The. Chauncy K. Lively. Jan/Feb, page 48.

Tying Youth to the Outdoors. Valerie Pettigrew. May/Jun, page 22.

Zebra Midge, The. Charles R. Meck. Sep/Oct, page 52.

French Creek

Summertime on French Creek's Upper Reaches. Kevin Phillips. Jul/Aug, page 50.

Geographical Information Systems

Geographical Information Systems (GIS) for Fish Conservation. Karl Blankenship. May/Jun, page 37.


Lehigh River Court Case Tests "Navigability." Linda Steiner. Jul/Aug, page 18.

Panfish, Panfishing

Deep Thoughts of Fall Crappies. Mike Bleech. Nov/Dec, page 12.

Seven Top Lures for Bluegills. Gerald Almy. May/Jun, page 29.

Summer Crappie Tactics. Gerald Almy. Jul/Aug, page 54.

Pennsylvania Fish & Boat Commission

15th WCO Cadet Class Graduation. Nov/Dec, page 3.

2000 Expanded Trout Fishing Opportunities. Tom Greene. Mar/Apr, page 34.

2000 Inseason Trout Stocking Schedule. Mar/Apr, page 41.

2000 PA Fish & Boat Commission Photography Contest. Mar/Apr, page 63.

2000 Trout Stamp Artwork Poster. Mar/Apr, page 32.

2001 Sizes, Seasons and Creel Limits Poster. Nov/Dec page 32.

Becoming a New-Millennium Waterways Conservation Officer.

Jeffrey A. Barber and Thomas H. Edwards Jr. Nov/Dec, page 51.

Bioblitz. Karl Blankenship. Mar/Apr, page 54.

Commission Adopts Special Regulations for Three Southwest Waterways. Mar/Apr, page 3.

Fish Identification Pages. Nov/Dec, page 19.

Index to Pennsylvania Angler & Boater Volume 69. Nov/Dec, page 23.

Message from Pennsylvania's Physician General, A. May/Jun, page 3.

Pennsylvania's Threatened and Endangered Fishes Poster. Sep/Oct, page 31.

PFBC Annual Report Executive Summary and Financial Statement. Mar/Apr, page 22.

PFBC New Administrative Headquarters Dedication and Open House. Sep/Oct, page 3.

Ralph W. Abele Conservation Heritage Award. Jul/Aug, page 3.

Three New Major Regulations. Jan/Feb, page 3.

Turtles of Pennsylvania Poster. Jan/Feb, page 31.

Volunteer Opportunities in the Fish & Boat Commission. Nov/Dec, page 17.

Wildlife Forever State-Fish Art Contest. Sep/Oct, page 35.

PLAY Newsletter

Fall 2000 issue, Sep/Oct, pages 41-47 (Misunderstood Minnows, Minnows, Minnows that Aren't Minnows but They sure Are Small Fish, Minnow Match, Minnow Maze, Fishing for Minnows, Best Baits for Carp).

Spring 2000 issue, Mar/Apr, pages 24-30 (April Showers Bring May Flowers, and Walleyes, Trout and Bluegills, What Do You Know About the Water Cycle, Six Ways to the Sea, How Much Water Do You Use, Read the Water, Casting Basics, Shopping for Gear).

Summer 2000 issue, Jul/Aug, pages 25-31 (Summer Night Life, Fish Prints, Fly Fishing Without a Fly Rod, Bad-Weather Boating, Summer Night Life Word Search, Night Lights, Prepare to be Boarded).

Winter 2000 issue, Jan/Feb, pages 17-24 (Natural Symbols of the Keystone State, Kitchen Table Experiment: Garbage Bag Watershed, Focus on Habitat: Wild Brook Trout, Best Bait for Brookies, What's Wild).


By Executive Director Peter A. Colangelo

Commissioner Inky Moore 1925-2000. Nov/Dec, page 2.

Education: A Key to the Future. Jan/Feb, page 2.

Giving of Yourself. May/Jun, page 2.

Moving Ahead. Jul/Aug, page 2.

Partnerships in Action. Sep/Oct, page 2.

Trout Season and Looking Toward Summer. Mar/Apr, page 2.

Sauger Fishing

Monongahela River Sauger Fishing. Jeff Knapp. Jan/Feb, page 8.

SMART Angler's Notebook

Dobsonfly. Rich Wood. Jan/Feb, page 46.

Keep Those Hooks Sharp. Carl Richardson. Jul/Aug, page 24.

Water Temperature and Fish. Carl Richardson. Mar/Apr, page 49.

Steelhead, Steelhead Fishing

What if You Could Design the Perfect Steelhead Stream? Mike Bleech. Jan/Feb, page 54.

World's Best Steelhead River? Tim Trainer. Nov/Dec, page 25.


Bony Plates and Barbels. Art Michaels. Sep/Oct, page 13.

Trout, Trout Fishing

Complete Spinfishing Trout Angler's Vest, The. Mike Bleech. Mar/Apr, page 12.

Drought and Trout. Linda Steiner. Nov/Dec, page 40.

Get Down and Dirty for Spring Trout. Mike Bleech. May/Jun, page 12.

Small Crankbaits for Trout. Vic Attardo. Mar/Apr, page 8.

York County Wonderland. Mark Demko. May/Jun, page 50.

Walleyes, Walleye Fishing

Fall Walleye Turn-on, The. Mike Bleech. Sep/Oct, page 8.

Winter Walleyes by Moonlight. Mike Bleech. Jan/Feb, page 35.

Water Trails

Allegheny River Wilderness Islands Water Trail. Janeal Hedman. Jul/Aug, page 42.

Lehigh River Water Trail. Sue Ann Alleger. May/Jun, page 32.

Raystown Branch Juniata River Water Trail, The. Craig Mayer. Jan/Feb, page 45.

Schuylkill River Water Trail, The. Dixie Swenson. Sep/Oct, page 48.

Swatara Creek Water Trail, The. Jo Ellen Litz. Mar/Apr, page 18.