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​July/August 2002 Angler & Boater

Feature articles

  • Walleyes in the Weeds by Mike Bleech
  • Five State Park Wilderness Fishing Adventures by Jerry Bush
  • "Buyer Beware" Applies to Boat Sales by Dan Tredennick
  • The Sunken Trico by Charles R. Meck
  • Hot Summer Nights and Pittsburgh's Catfish by Tim Trainer
  • The Next Big Water Issue:  Quantity by Linda L. Steiner
  • Meet the Flathead Catfish, Recently Introduced to the Delaware River Watershed by Ann Faulds
  • Brutally Hot Bass by Vic Attardo
  • Where Have All the Shiners Gone? by Rob Criswell
  • Up-and-Down Smallmouth Bass by Jeff Knapp

Special features

Regular features