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January/February 2013 Angler & Boater

Feature articles

Secrets of Solid Fishing for Crappies by Vic Attardo

Transitioning to Fly Fishing by John Allen

Mercer and Venango Counties on Ice by Darl Black 

Tip-up Fishing for Pike and Pickerel by Carl Haensel

Make Your Own Rabbit Hair Jig by Chris Gorsuch

Not Working, Try Something Different by Mike Bleech

Lively Larvae by Marilyn Black

Take Your Ice Shanty to the Next Level by Ross Robertson

10 Tips for Safe Ice Fishing by Ben Moyer 

Homegrown Fishing Lures by Linda Steiner

Impacts of Fishing Line and Other Litter by Deborah Weisberg 

Ohio River Sauger and Walleye by Jeff Knapp

Finding the Right Powerboat by Alex Zidock, Jr.

Pennsylvania’s Not-so-bland Blanding’s Turtle by Chris Urban and Kathy Gipe 

Special features

Commission Fish Stocking Volunteers: A History of Dedication by Brian Wisner 

Ice Safety Thickness Chart

Winter PLAY Newsletter by Amidea Daniel and Allan Schreffler

Deputy Waterways Conservation Officer Graduation by Spring Gearhart 

Regular features

Straight Talk by Executive Director John A. Arway 

Tying the Scud by Charles R. Meck

Your Fishing Field Guide by Carl Haensel

Notes from the Stream

Reflecting on the Water by Ron Kuhn


Angler’s Notebook by Jerry Bush

Fishin’ from the Kitchen by Wayne Phillips 

Cast & Caught


In this edition, we continue a limited-edition series of Ned Smith art prints with a bluegill print. We will include these prints through to the May/June 2013 edition.