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November/December 2014 Angler & Boater

Feature articles

    • Winter Steelhead Fishing is about Timing by Mike Bleech
    • The Essence of the Yellow Breeches by Tom Janukowicz
    • Flycasting for Steelhead by Carl Haensel
    • Fun + Interesting = Hooked for Life by Jennifer Bilott
    • Ice Fishing Competitions by Marilyn Black
    • The Magic of Hair by Jeff Knapp
    • Tips for Winter Fishing from a Boat by Alex Zidock Jr.
    • Winter Wild Trout Fishing by John Allen
    • Advancements in Ice Fishing Clothing by Ross Robertson
    • Flies on Fire: Sparking “Hot Spots” Into Your Tying Patterns by Christian Shane
    • Interesting Fishing Facts About Early America by Alex Zidock Jr.
    • Steelhead Fishing—A Wild Brook Trout Taught Me How by Linda Steiner
    • Toxic Algae Resurfaces in Lake Erie by Deborah Weisberg

Special features

Regular features