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November/December 2014 Angler & Boater

Feature Articles

Pennsylvania’s Streams of Steel by Darl Black (PDF)

Holiday Wild Brown Trout by Vic Attardo (PDF)

Winter Steelhead Fishing is about Timing by Mike Bleech

The Essence of the Yellow Breeches by Tom Janukowicz

Flycasting for Steelhead by Carl Haensel

Fun + Interesting = Hooked for Life by Jennifer Bilott

Ice Fishing Competitions by Marilyn Black

The Magic of Hair by Jeff Knapp

Tips for Winter Fishing from a Boat by Alex Zidock Jr.

Winter Wild Trout Fishing by John Allen

The Real Hornyhead Chub by Rob Criswell (PDF)

Advancements in Ice Fishing Clothing by Ross Robertson

Flies on Fire: Sparking “Hot Spots” Into Your Tying Patterns by Christian Shane

Late Season Lunkers by Jeff Woleslagle (PDF)

Interesting Fishing Facts About Early America by Alex Zidock Jr.

Steelhead Fishing—A Wild Brook Trout Taught Me How by Linda Steiner

Toxic Algae Resurfaces in Lake Erie by Deborah Weisberg

Special Features

2014 Bassmaster Elite Series Tournament on the Delaware River by Andrew L. Shiels (PDF)

Regular Features

Tying the Glo Bug by Carl Haensel

Your Fishing Field Guide by Carl Haensel

Notes from the Stream (PDF)

Reflecting on the Water by Ron Kuhn

Cast & Caught


Angler’s Notebook by Jerry Bush

Fishin’ from the Kitchen by Wayne Phillips (PDF)