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May/June 2015 angler & boater

Feature articles

Small Pond Kayak Fishing for Largemouth Bass by Jeff Woleslagle (PDF)

Try Trolling for Trout by Mike Bleech

Keep Your Boating Clean and Green this Summer by Alex Zidock Jr.

Dipping Crappies by Darl Black

Preserving Your Catch by Deborah Weisberg

Spinners 101 by Ross Robertson

The Longear Sunfish, or Two by Rob Criswell

Preparing Your Tackle for Kayak Fishing by John Allen (PDF)

Dual Minnow Rigs for Crappies by Vic Attardo

Kayak Angling Competitions by Marilyn Black

Outboard Jet Maintenance by Chris Gorsuch

Chasing Pennsylvania’s Elusive “Golden Ghosts” by Carl Haensel

Special features

Mentored Youth Trout Day/Regional Opening Day of Trout (PDF)

Water Trail Offers Access to River’s Wonders by Lizzie Hessmiller

Copperhead (PDF)

Recap of 2014 Pennsylvania Boating Fatalities by Ryan C. Walt (PDF)

Ghosts of the Ohio River by Nevin Welte, Bob Ventorini and Doug Fischer (PDF)

The Tionesta State Fish Hatchery by Scott Morgan (PDF)

2014 Deputy Waterways Conservation Officer Awards (PDF)

Commission Supports Inclusion in Natural Gas Severance Tax by Deborah Weisberg (PDF)

Regular features

Straight Talk by Executive Director John A. Arway (PDF)

Your Fishing Field Guide by Carl Haensel

Notes from the Stream (PDF)

Tying Together by Christian A. Shane

Reflecting on the Water by Ron Kuhn


Angler’s Notebook by Jerry Bush

Fishin’ from the Kitchen by Wayne Phillips (PDF)

Cast & Caught