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This page contains links to forms for commercial permits, use of Commission property and permits required for activity on waterways.


Charter Boat/Fishing Guide Permit Application [PFBC-G-1]
Needed to guide on PA waters or to operate a charter boat

Application for Regulated Fishing Lake License [PFBC-109]
Permit needed to operate a Class A (fee fishing lake) or Class B lake

Lake Erie Trap Net License or Seine License Application for Commercial Fishing License [PFBC-171]
For detailed information please review Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes, Title 30 Fish & Boat Code, Chapter 29 Special Licenses and Permits, Section 2903 Boat and Net Licenses for Boundary Lakes and Title 58 Pennsylvania Code, Chapter 69. Subchapter C. Commercial Fishing Licenses.

Passenger for Hire Vessels / Operators
Forms associated with passenger for hire vessels


Special Activity Permit [PFBC-500]
Permits for fishing tournaments and derbies, use of Commission property

Cast Net Permit / Throw Net Application
Permit for cast or throw nets, required by law on certain waters. Register at - Account Lookup (or Create New Account or Sign In > Catalog > Fish tab.

Lake Erie Net Permit
The PFBC is accepting applications for the Lake Erie Net Permit

Application for Extended Trout Season Private Waters
Extended trout season regulations for private waters


Application to Draw Off Water from Impoundments [Drawdown Permit]
Must be obtained to lower pools of impoundments for activities regulated by other state permits or for any impoundment larger than 1 surface acre. Activities requiring draw down may include construction, maintenance or biological manipulation. PFBC’s duty is to minimize impacts on fish, aquatic life and recreational fishing and boating -- available in 2 formats:

Application for Permit to Use Mobility Device on PFBC Property
Needed to use a powered mobility device, other than a wheelchair, on PFBC property.

Aquatic Herbicide/Algicide [WSM]
Permit needs for use of an aligicide, herbicide or fish control chemical in PA waters

Blasting Permit [PFBC-175]
A permit is required for use of explosives in PA waters

Cooperative Habitat Improvement Program - Adopt-a-Lake & Adopt-a-Stream [PFBC-900]
Stream fish habitat improvement and restoration projects

Property Use Request [PFBC-PAPS-003]
Needed to request utilization of PFBC property. Review guidelines for details.

Standard Agreements

Technical Assistance Program -- Habitat Enhancement & Restoration for Streams & Lake (PFBC 900-TAP)
Technical guidance and application for fish habitat improvement, fish habitat restoration and corridor management

Triploid Grass Carp Pond Owner Stocking Permit Application [PFBC-TGC 002]
Needed to stock grass carp in a pond

Walnut Creek Marina Seasonal Slip Waiting List Application
Application for spaces at Walnut Creek Marina

Wood Cutting Permit
Needed to cut and remove wood from Commission property