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This page contains links to forms related to Pennsylvania fishing licenses and other fish/fishing forms.


Pennsylvania Fishing License
Need the license now? PA fishing licenses can be printed with your home printer, use your credit card to purchase online at The Outdoor Shop, and be fishing in the time it takes you to get to your favorite spot.

Multi-Year License Upgrade
Get a laminated multi-year license.

Resident Senior Lifetime License Upgrade
Get a laminated senior lifetime license.

Resident Farm Landowner Fishing License
If certain criteria are met, a resident owner or lessee of a farm with 80 or more acres may obtain a resident fishing license at one-half the regular fee.


Angler Award Program
Get a certificate for that big one that didn't get away.

Fish Cleaning Station
Needed to operate a cleaning station.

Pennsylvania Saltwater Angler Registry Program (PA-SARP)
Registration required for fishing in the Delaware Estuary and certain sections of the Delaware River.

Pennsylvania State-Record Fish


Fishing License Educational Exemption
Provides exemption to fishing license requirement to participants in certain types of educational programs.

Scientific Collector's Permit Web Site []
Interactive website where you can complete an application to get a new permit, or renew or amend your existing permit.

Special Activity Permit
Permits for fishing tournaments and derbies, use of Commission property.

Cast Net Permit / Throw Net Application
Permit for cast or throw nets, required by law on certain waters.

Lake Erie Net Permit
The PFBC is accepting applications for the Lake Erie Net Permit.

Application for Extended Trout Season Private Waters
Extended trout season regulations for private waters.