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REGION COUNTIES -- Butler, Clarion, Crawford, Erie, Forest, Lawrence, Mercer, Venango, Warren (County Guide)

JUNE 12, 2019

Clarion, Butler, and Armstrong Counties:

Kahle Lake - Anglers continue to report catching Bluegills, Crappies, some perch and a few bass. All anglers & boaters are reminded that all boats, including canoes & kayaks, are required to be registered to use this facility.    

Piney Dam & the Upper Clarion River - Anglers are reporting catching some perch & Crappies and a few bass & Walleye. All anglers & boaters are reminded that all boats, including canoes & kayaks, are required to be registered to use the PFBC's Mill Creek & Gravel Lick Access Areas.   

Lower Clarion River (Piney Dam to Confluence with Allegheny River) - When the waters levels have been cooperating, anglers continue to report catching a few Walleye & bass near the confluence with the Allegheny River. 

Allegheny River (Emlenton to Lock #9) - When the water levels have been cooperating, Walleye & bass are being reported in the Parker City area. All anglers & boaters are reminded that all boats, including canoes & kayaks, are required to be registered to use the PFBC's Parker City and Brady's Bend Access Areas. 

Beaver Creek Ponds Project - By regulation, the Beaver Creek Ponds Project is currently closed to all fishing until the opening day of bass season. 

Trout Streams - With the cooler temperatures and high waters, the area still has been experiencing good numbers of trout.

Caleb Hunter Lorents caught a nice crappie on Lake Arthur using a night crawler

Erie County:

Lake Erie – Walleye fishing is hot and heavy right now, and you don't have to go very deep.  Anglers are picking up Walleye in as shallow as 30 to 35 feet.  You can go deeper, and you may locate larger fish. 

Yellow perch are also being caught, not in large limit number, but better than last year.  You can find a couple small packs off Walnut and another from Gull Point.

Bass are being caught in Presque Isle Bay and in shallows on Lake Erie in good numbers. 

When fishing Lake Erie, please check the weather forecasts to make the best judgement call on whether to go out or not.  Stay safe!

Forest County:

Allegheny River- Northern Pike fishing has been productive using daredevils and live bait, near the Sand and Gravel Launch in Tionesta.

Canoes and kayaks should avoid stringing out across the river channel; it makes it difficult for jet boats to navigate the channel, due to their limited ability to maneuver in the shallow water.  Please be courteous.  Also, operators of unpowered watercraft (canoes and kayaks) are reminded that is illegal to operate while under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs.

Tionesta Lake- Boaters are reminded that the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Slow No Wake Area is still in effect; it extends from the point to the dam. Boaters are also reminded that they must be 100 feet from shore while traveling faster than slow no wake speed, or in other words, just in gear.  Boats traveling faster than slow no wake speed must also stay 50 feet to the side of other boats that are underway and 100 feet to the rear of other boats underway.  Courtesy and common sense can also ensure everyone has a safe and enjoyable time boating.

Tionesta Outflow- Anglers have been successful catching musky from the wall and rip rap along the Tionesta Outflow, using artificial lures and live bait (panfish).

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers prohibits boats from entering the Tionesta Outflow. Also, it is illegal to operate a boat at a speed greater than slow no wake in a waterway less than 200 feet wide.

Venango County:


The general bass season will open once again as of June 15th, 2019 (Saturday).  The daily creel limit is 6 (combined species) and the minimum size limit is 12 inches regarding waters governed under Commonwealth Inland regulations. 

In Venango County, both Justus Lake (Two Mile Run Reservoir) and Kahle Lake are governed under BIG BASS REGULATIONS. These locally specific waters have restrictions regarding a 15" minimum size limit and a daily creel limit of 4 (combined). 

ALLEGHENY RIVER - The USGS depth gage in Franklin reflects a current water level of +/- 06'-06".  Anglers report continued frustrated by both the repeated swings in water level and clarity. Smallmouth Bass catches continue to be reported, best success was reported on jigs and spinners.  Additionally, several reports of Walleye were received during the Memorial Day holiday weekend.  

FRENCH CREEK - The USGS depth gage in Utica reflects a current water level of +/-03'-04". 

From Franklin through Utica, anglers have reported bass and, occasional, Walleye hook-ups. 

Canoe and kayak traffic continues to increase with the summer boating season.  All boaters are reminded to scout ahead and keep an eye out for any possible obstacles or strainers. 

OIL CREEK - The USGS depth gage in Rouseville reflects a current water level of +/- 02'-09".

Smallmouth Bass are being reported between Oil City and Rynd Farm.  

TWOMILE RUN RESERVOIR (JUSTUS LAKE) – Bass, as well as trout, hook-ups continue to top the received catch reports. 


With the 2019 boating season in full swing, boaters are reminded that non-powered watercraft, which otherwise would not require registration, are required to display either current registration or a launch permit when launching or retrieving at all PFBC lakes and/or access areas.  For a complete listing of regulations pertaining to PFBC properties, please refer to the following link:


JUNE 5, 2019

Erie County
NW Region's Family Fishing Festival at East Basin Pond
Join PFBC Staff from Education, Fisheries, and Hatcheries on Saturday June 22nd from 9am – 1pm at East Basin Pond on Presque Isle State Park. Learn basic fishing skills like knot tying, casting, baiting the hook, and taking a fish off the hook. You and your family will have the opportunity to fish – no fishing license required. All equipment provided. Adults must bring a child and children must bring an adult. You will be learning and fishing together. You can register here!
Lake Erie
The walleye fishing has been slow. It will pick up as Lake Erie's water temperature rises.  Anglers are catching Lake Trout off the mountain using plugs. Anglers are catching Smallmouth Bass off the Northeast Marina when the lake is calm enough to fish. Drop shot rigs are the way to go.
Lake Pleasant
Anglers are catching panfish and Largemouth Bass at Lake Pleasant by using worms with a bobber.

Butler County
Lake Arthur
Crappie fishing has improved in the shallows and close to shoreline structure.  Anglers are using nightcrawlers on a jig, tube jigs, and minnows.  Anglers are catching Hybrid Striped Bass in deeper water, but they should be coming shallow as the Alewife begin to spawn.  Late night fishing for HSB at most of the popular boat access areas should begin soon. Smallmouth and Largemouth Bass season begins Saturday June 15, 2019.  Lake Arthur is a Big Bass regulation lake.  The creel limit is 4 bass per day with a minimum size of 15 inches.

Reports compiled by Chad Foster (, NW/SW Region Outreach and Education Coordinator, using information provided by Waterways Conservation Officers, Area Fisheries Managers and other PFBC staff.