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REGION COUNTIES -- Adams, Bedford, Blair, Cumberland, Dauphin, Franklin, Fulton, Huntingdon, Juniata, Lebanon, Mifflin, Perry, York (County Guide)

October 28, 2020

York County

Gifford Pinchot Lake

Pinchot Lake will undergo a short-term drawdown beginning October 26, 2020. The lake will be lowered approximately five feet to allow park maintenance staff to make repairs and improvements at the Quaker Race swimming beach, Conewago Day Use Area, and other shoreline locations. The lake will remain open to both fishing and boating during this time, but launching boats may be difficult and shoreline fishing may be limited. No other park facilities will be impacted by the drawdown. Once all projects are completed, the lake will be re-filled as precipitation permits, while maintaining adequate downstream flow.

Bedford County

This week, we would like to remind anglers to keep angling gear clean. This is especially important for anglers who 'stream hop' -fishing from stream-to-stream in one day or over the course of a fishing trip. Moving from water body to water body has always appealed to some anglers, and it's a great way to enjoy fall and winter trout fishing.  However, by moving from stream to stream, anglers may inadvertently move unwanted visitors in the form of invasive species. Many times, anglers who vacation in central Pennsylvania who make a stop at Yellow Creek have also stopped in Pine Creek, Spring Creek, Fishing Creek and the Little Juniata. Anglers visiting Spring Creek (Centre County) are reminded to sterilize gear before leaving, as that stream has an introduced pest called the New Zealand Mud Snail. This pest can really wreak havoc on a watershed, and we wouldn't want to see it spread from watershed to watershed. Like other aquatic invasive species, mudsnails disrupt ecosystems by rapidly multiplying and competing with native species for space and food. Gear should be visually inspected for unwanted hitchhikers and any plant/animal material should be removed and disposed of properly. If sterilizing gear isn't practical, a second or even a third backup pair of waders may be an easier way to stream hop quickly.   


October 21, 2020

York County

With cooler weather setting in, it is a great time to fish the Codorus Creek's Trophy Trout Artificial Lures Section. Just a reminder that this section of stream is catch and release only until opening day of trout.

Perry County

Anglers are catching Rainbow Trout on paste baits on Holman Lake.

Use minimal weight with a small treble hook for paste bait to stay on. Hook to weight distance approximately 12 inches.

Some panfish are still being caught on red worms.

Dauphin County

 Photo 1 10-21-20.JPG

 Karl with a nice bass caught on green jig and tube

 Photo 2 10-21-20.jpg

Trout were stocked in Clark's Creek's Catch and Release Fly Fishing Only Area

Bedford County

If you've never made the trip to Bedford County to fish trout in Yellow Creek, this fall may be the time to plan a trip. Stocked and wild Brown Trout can be found throughout the watershed, and there is outstanding fishing throughout. Mainly, anglers focus on the special regulations area, 0.9 mile from mouth of Maple Run (Jacks Run) upstream to cable near Red Bank Hill. This section is enrolled in the Catch and Release Fly Fishing Only program and special regulations apply.

A list of streams by county in PA under Catch and Release Fly Fishing Only regulations can be found at: 

Anglers fishing Yellow Creek in the last few weeks saw success using Caddis (Black or Tan), Nymphs (Hare's Ear and Stonefly), Broadhead Prince Nymph, Zebra midge and Blue Wing Olive. Hi-Vis Beetles and Ants are also area favorites. If you haven't made the trip to this special regulation area, it may be time to explore a new area this fall.

Reports compiled by Adam Spangler (, Southcentral Regional Education Specialist, using information provided by Waterways Conservation Officers, Area Fisheries Managers and other PFBC staff.​​