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REGION COUNTIES -- Berks, Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Lancaster, Lehigh, Montgomery, Northampton, Philadelphia, Schuylkill (County Guide

October 28, 2020

The Fall Trout Stocking Schedule is here: Fall Trout

Chester County

While District Officers were patrolling the West Branch Brandywine Creek Stocked Trout Waters, they met a young lady fly-fishing who mentioned catching several trout on Elk Hair Caddis and Parachute Adams flies. She also observed fish rising to naturals as well.


October 21, 2020

The Fall Trout Stocking Schedule is here: Fall Trout

Chester County

From November 1st until April 30th of the following year, all boaters in boats less than 16 feet and all canoes and kayaks must wear a life jacket while boating. The fine for not wearing a life jacket as required during this time and or for not having the required life jackets on board starts at $125.25 and goes up depending on how many people are not wearing or how many pieces of equipment or life jackets you are missing.  As a rule, we do not give warnings for safety violations. Also, do not forget your whistle, it is hard to yell for help in cold water. And yes it can happen to you. Last year I transported a kayaker that had capsized his boat into cold water and was too cold to paddle back to the launch. I asked him how much experience he had and his age, he was 36 and stated he had been kayaking for over 10 years.

While fishing pressure has slowed down, don't put that boat away just yet! I think that the fall colors are almost at their peak here in Chester County and Hibernia County Park. Pennsylvania has a website, that will tell you the peak fall color times as well as provide you with great ideas for fishing and road trips. The site says that Chester County is presently at 50% fall color and should be at the peak between October 20th and 26th. You can also request a travel guide and map on this site. With its diversity of habitats, fields, forest, wetlands, a 90 acre lake (Chambers Lake), and a very scenic section of the West Branch Brandywine Creek that burbles along over large rocks and small water falls downstream of Cedar Knoll Road, Hibernia County Park offers a wide variety of photographic opportunities as well as a chance to study nature on its trails or by boat. Chambers Lake has a very nice boat ramp and ample parking. Boats, electric motor only, are allowed and must have a launch permit or registration whether they are powered or unpowered. The shoreline of the lake mirrors the trees giving outdoorsperson's wonderful opportunity for fantastic photos. Whether you are using a film camera of digital camera you should always use a polarizer. Dew, water, the shine on leaves will reflect light back to your camera which will act to desaturate your photographs colors.

You should always wear a life jacket when boating, life jacket wear is mandatory from November 1st to April 30th in boats 16 feet and under and all canoes and kayaks. Don't forget to tie a whistle to your life jacket. A trail map is available at the park office or you can get more information on line at


Northampton County

Anglers have been catching plenty of fish as the cooler fall temperatures are conducive to being outside longer. It's a great time to go hiking, fishing, or just looking at the fall foliage. Minsi Lake was stocked with adult trout on October 8, so that provides a great opportunity for fall trout fishing. Anglers have also been seen catching bass and pickerel in many local lakes and ponds around the county. For those looking to get out on these great waters by boat be reminded that the water temperatures are cooling down. Starting again on November 1, all boaters in boats less than 16 feet, canoes and kayaks must wear their life jacket.



Lancaster County

Fall Trout Stocking:  The Muddy Run Recreational Lake received a stocking on Wednesday, October 7.  Muddy Run anglers are reminded that the extended season regulations apply wherein daily creel limits are reduced from 5 to 3.  Per page 10 of the 2020 Pennsylvania Summary of Fishing Laws and Regulations: 


All Species of Trout and Salmon

Additional regulations map apply–see Trout Regulations

Regional Opening Day of Trout Season*
April 4 at 8 a.m. through Sept. 7 (only 18 southeastern PA counties)
7 inches 5-streams, lakes and ponds (combined species)
Regular Season
April 18 at 8 a.m. through Sept. 7
7 inches 5-streams, lakes and ponds (combined species)
Extended Season (stocked trout waters and all waters downstream of stocked trout waters)
Jan. 1 through Feb. 29 and Sept. 8  through Dec. 31
7 inches 3 (combined species)
Extended Season (Class A wild trout stream sections)
Jan. 1 through Feb. 29 and Sept. 8 through Dec. 31


As the county's only Stocked Trout Lake, Muddy Run Lake remains an under-utilized fishery wherein anglers should consider a fishing excursion at any time of the trout fishing season. The regulations on Muddy Run Lake changed January 1, 2012 to Stocked Trout Waters Open to Year-Round Fishing [Summary page 20]. The intent of this regulation change was to allow anglers to fish for species other than trout during the traditional closed season March 1 to 8 a.m. on the Regional Opening Day. Under this regulation, anglers are not required to possess a trout stamp to fish the lake as they would otherwise require in any Trout Stocked Water, by way of example Fishing Creek. Anglers should be ethically mindful that they should not be targeting trout in lieu of possessing a trout stamp. Moreover, contingent with the circumstances are subject to being cited if a trout is landed and they are unable to immediately release unharmed as is required.

Waters with this designation are considered stocked trout waters - from 8 a.m. opening day of trout through Sept. 7, Commonwealth inland size and creel limits apply. From Jan. 1 through Feb. 29, and from Sept. 8 through Dec. 31, "extended season" size and creel limits apply. These waters are open to fishing from March 1 to opening day of trout season; however, no trout may be taken or possessed on these waters during this period.

It is unlawful to fish in rivers and streams designated as stocked trout waters open to year-round fishing without a current trout/salmon permit (or Combination Trout/Salmon/Lake Erie permit).

A trout/salmon permit is not required to fish in lakes and ponds that have been designated as stocked trout waters open to year-round fishing unless the person takes, kills, or possesses, while in the act of fishing, a trout or salmon on or in these waters.


The 100-acre lake provides an ideal recreational venue for novice paddlers to gain flat-water paddling experience.  Honing their skills as they learn how their kayak or canoe tracks and moreover the inherent stability of their watercraft.


The Mandatory PFD Wear Law goes back into effect on November 1 through April 30, 2021.  Boaters observed to be in violation can anticipate being charged accordingly -


Reports compiled by Andrew Desko (, Southeast Region Outreach & Education Coordinator, using information provided by Waterways Conservation Officers, Area Fisheries Managers and other PFBC staff.