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Charter Boats and Fishing Guides in Pennsylvania are permitted by the PA Fish and Boat Commission. For ease, find Charter Boats and Fishing Guides permitted in Pennsylvania in 3 listings:


Charter Boat Operators and Fishing Guides working on waters in Pennsylvania must obtain a permit through the Commission.  Applicants must be 16 years of age or older. Charter Boat/Fishing Guide permits are valid for one calendar year expiring on December 31. Apply at HuntFishPA. 

Charter Boat Operators and Fishing Guides must comply with all Federal, State and local laws and regulations and are responsible for ensuring that their employees, passengers and customers comply with all fishing and boating laws and regulations.

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Working Charter Boat Operators and Fishing Guides must:

    • display their permits on a hat or an outer garment in plain view
    • possess a vaild fishing license and permitting appropriate for the waters they are fishing (and ensure the same for all workers and customers)
    • present their Charter Boat/Fishing Guide permits upon the request of a Waterways Conservation Officer (WCO)
    • possess and maintain General Liability Insurance and be able to provide proof of insurance to a WCO
    • If using a boat, Charter Boat Operators/Fishing Guides must also possess a Boating Safety Education Certificate issues by the Commission, another state in accordance with NASBLA or the US Coast Guard. 
    • The Boating Education Safety Certificate must be provided upon request of a WCO. 

Boundary Waters

PA residents operating as a Charter Boat/Fishing Guide in boundary waters must hold a Resident Charter Boat/Fishing Guide Permit. Non-residents must hold the Non-Resident Charter Boat/Fishing Guide Permit.

Becoming a fishing license issuing agent

Charter Boat/Fishing Guide operators may be able to sell One-Day Fishing Licenses, Three-Day Tourist Fishing Licenses, Seven-Day Tourist Fishing Licenses and the Trout Permit and Lake Erie Permit for fishing Lake Erie and tributaries to their customersTo find out more, call the Commission at 717-705- 7942. 

The Commission may suspend or revoke a Charter Boat/Fishing Guide permit for noncompliance with the terms and conditions of the applicable regulations or when the Charter Boat Operator or Fishing Guide is convicted or acknowledges guilt of a violation of the laws or regulations.