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The mission of the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission is: to protect, conserve, and enhance the Commonwealth's aquatic resources and provide fishing and boating opportunities

The Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission is an independent Commonwealth commission comprised of 10 Commissioners appointed by the Governor and approved by the Legislature. The Boating Advisory Board advises and makes recommendations to the Commission. The Commission is a user-funded agency receiving no PA General Fund tax revenue to support its programs. The Commission operates out of two special funds: the Fish Fund and the Boat Fund. Revenue for the Fish Fund is generated from sales of fishing licenses and fees (about 66%) and federal funds (about 22%) obtained from taxes on fishing-related items. Revenue from the Boat Fund is predominantly generated from boat registration/titling fees, refunds of liquid fuels taxes on gas used by motorboats and federal aid.

The Fish and Boat Commission is also generously supported by citizens interested in maintaining and enhancing access to Pennsylvania's waters by donating to the Conservation Acquisition Partnership Program (CAP)


In its role as leader of aquatic preservation in the Commonwealth, the Commission supports and administers an extensive grants program aimed at conserving and enhancing opportunities for fishing, boating and aquatic resource conservation. The program aims to develop and support partnerships that seek to ensure robust and vibrant life and opportunities on and around Pennsylvania's waterways. 


Review Annual Reports provided by the Commission and other partners. You can also view our Strategic and Quarterly Reports summarizing the Commission's operational and strategic goals.


Agency headquarters is located in Harrisburg at 1601 Elmerton Avenue. The public can also buy fishing licenses, launch permits and register boats.


Executive Office (HBG HQ)

Executive Director
Chief Counsel
Human Resources
Policy, Planning, and Communications
Bureau of Law Enforcement

Office of Administration (HBG HQ)

Bureau of Administration
Bureau of Boating
Bureau of Information Technology
Bureau of Outreach, Education, and Marketing

Field operations are based at our Centre Region Office, 595 E. Rolling Ridge Dr., Bellefonte (Centre County). The Centre Region office also sells fishing licenses, launch permits and registers boats.


Office of Field Operations (Centre County Region Office)
Bureau of Engineering
Bureau of Fisheries
Bureau of Hatcheries

Buy a fishing license, launch permit, and register a boat at one of our regional offices across the Commonwealth. Conservation Officers and Outreach Coordinators are there to assist you with local fishing and boating information. 

Our 13 State Fish Hatcheries are spread across the Commonwealth. Hatchery personnel spawn, raise and stock trout and many other species of coldwater and warm/coolwater fish.