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(Canoes, kayaks, stand-up paddleboards (SUP),
rowboats, sail-only sailboats)

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Unpowered boats must be registered or display a launch permit to use a PFBC or DCNR State Park or State forest access

Unpowered boat registrations offers benefits over launch permits.  

    • Every state recognizes valid PA boat registrations.
    • Registration renewal reminders make it easy to ensure your boat is up to date.
    • Registration helps in recovering a lost or stolen boat.
    • Information stored in the PFBC's boat registration database is useful for contacting the boat owner and potentially eliminating unnecessary searches associated with unoccupied "loose" vessels.
    • Valid boat registrations help to leverage federal funding for Pennsylvania boating programs. (Federal funds allocated to states' boating programs are calculated, in part, based on the number of state-registered boats.)

Unpowered boats must be titled under the following conditions:

    • Currently titled in Pennsylvania.
    • Currently titled in another state when Pennsylvania becomes the state of primary use.

Once a boat is title​d, it must remain titled by all future owners. Any boat can be voluntarily titled.


Complete the Application for Pennsylvania Boat Registration and or Boat Title form (REV-336) and in:

    • Section C: Enter Code #4 for Engine Drive, Fuel Type and Prop Type
    • Section D: Leave blank
    • Section H, Line 4: Private party sales of used unpowered boats are exempt from sales tax, unless the boat is titled

Gather the required documentation.

If the unpowered boat was never registered or titled in PA, acceptable proof of ownership includes: (ONE of the below)

    • Title or registration from another state.
    • Manufacturer’s Certificate of Origin (MCO). 
    • Also required:
      • Bill of sale or invoice with names and addresses of the seller and purchaser and the legal owner if different from seller.
      • The location, date of sale, description of the boat, and hull identification number (HIN) for boats built after 1972, or other serial number for boats built in 1972 or before.
      • Affidavit of Purchase/Ownership (PFBC-734) to support claim of boat ownership.
      • Boats with a retail value of less than $2,000 being registered voluntarily, may substitute the original receipt from the dealer or other retailer for the MCO.

If the boat was previously registered and/or titled, acceptable proof of ownership includes: (ONE of the below)

    • If the boat was titled, a properly signed title is required.
    • If the boat was registered, only ONE of the below is required:
      • Boat registration card, signed by last registered owner.
      • Bill of sale, signed by the last registered owner.
        • Note: May be substituted for the seller's information in Section F and the seller's signature in Section J of the application.

Additional documentation may be required in certain circumstances. For more information, visit, contact a PFBC Region Office, visit an authorized issuing agent, or call 866-BoatReg (866-262-8734)


Get a temporary registration

Take the completed application, required documentation and payment to a Commission office or authorized issuing agent. You will be issued a 60-day temporary registration that allows use of the boat while the permanent registration is being processed. A boat registration card and set of validation decals will be mailed to you. 

Alternative registration purchase option - Mail an application

Mail the completed application, required documentation, and payment to PFBC Headquarters. Once processed, the Commission will mail a boat registration card and set of validation decals to you. Please allow 60 days for processing. It is unlawful to use the boat until you receive the permanent boat registration. 

Certificates of title will be mailed to the primary lienholder, when applicable. 


Instead of boat registration, an unpowered boat may display a launch permit to use a PFBC or DCNR State Park or State Forest access. Upon purchase of a one-year or two-year launch permit, a 90-day temporary permit is issued to allow the boat to be operated until decals arrive by mail. 

Recommended Option - Renew online securely at HuntFishPA


Alternative Option - In person