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The Conservation Acquisition Partnership Program (CAP) was created by the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission to solicit and accept donations to be used solely to obtain additional access to Pennsylvania's water. As population centers expand, more and more waterfront land is lost forever to development, and Pennsylvania's sportsmen and women find they have fewer and fewer places in which to pursue their favorite pastime. CAP was created to help stem that tide.

How? By taking money donated by those who really care about the future of the sport of fishing - and their children's and grandchildren's and great-grandchildren's access to it. Then making that money work harder than it ever could by itself. Every dollar donated to the CAP program is matched with a dollar from the Fish and Boat Commission. But it doesn't stop there. These combined funds are used to attract other partners - conservancy, corporation and others; and ultimately are used as matching funds for federally supported acquisition projects. Your donated dollar can potentially turn into $8 or more of buying power.

The success of the CAP program is dependent on the generosity of people like you. It takes that first donation - yours - to start the ball rolling. No amount is too small, and certainly, none is too big. The future starts tomorrow, but you can only influence it by what you do today!