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In pursuit of the mission to provide opportunities for people to fish, the Commission, in cooperation with the fishing tackle industry, partners with groups, organizatons and businesses to loan rods, reels and tackle to enjoy a fishing outing without having to purchase the basic gear.


Loaner partners serve a range of potential anglers. State and local parks, sportsmen's clubs, libraries, recreation departments and community centers are ideal loaner hosts, but other types of organizations with a desire to support fishing recreation can make excellent partners. Host sites are most successful when someone on location is knowledgeable (or has access to someone who is) about fishing. 

Find Fishing Tackle Loaner locations near you.


Loaner sites serve groups offering angler education programs, familes or individuals who want to give fishing a try before investing in the equipment or even someone visiting who didn't bring their gear. 

Need to borrow a rod, reel or other fishing equipment? Find Fishing Tackle Loaner locations near you.


Becoming a Fishing Tackle Loaner location is free. Locations need to have ample storage space for the equipment, knowledge of fishing spots, and a willingness to help participants. The Commission will provide all the equipment and educations materials (if needed) and will train partners as Fishing Skills Instructors. 

Loaner sites wilI:

    • make loans
    • ensure equipment return
    • store and maintain all equipment
    • maintain inventory and Commission Fishing Tackle Loaner reporting
    • promote the program in the community

If your organization is interested in becoming a Fishing Tackle Loaner location, email us at