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Edward W. Manhart began his career with the Pennsylvania Fish & Boat Commission on June 3, 1968, as a "Fish Warden." He graduated as part of the Fourth Class from the H.R. Stackhouse School of Fisheries Conservation and Watercraft Safety on September 17, 1968. In July of 1972, he accepted the position of Waterways Patrolman Supervisor II at the Harrisburg headquarters office. In October of 1977, he was promoted to Deputy Chief of the Law Enforcement Division, and in April 1981, he was promoted to Chief of the Law Enforcement Division. In 1987, the Law Enforcement Division, as the result of reorganization, became the Bureau of Law Enforcement, and Ed was named Director of the newly formed bureau.

Throughout his career, Ed focused on providing appropriate training for conservation officers in many disciplines. He was instrumental in developing the Pennsylvania Fish & Boat Commission's Bureau of Law Enforcement and its personnel into a nationally recognized conservation law enforcement organization.

The Edward W. Manhart Academic Achievement Award is given to a member of each graduating class of the H.R. Stackhouse School of Fisheries Conservation and Watercraft Safety who has achieved the highest overall academic average during the course of the training.

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​15th Class
Kadin D. Thompson, September 15, 2000
​16th Class
Anthony J. Quarracino, September 13, 2002
​17th Class
​Jeffrey B. Giardina, September 7, 2005
​18th Class
Jeremiah Allen, August 10, 2007
​19th Class
Aaron Lupacchini, August 12, 2010
​20th Class
Corey J. Girt, August 12, 2011
​21st Class
​Nathan A. Hancock, June 24, 2016
​22nd Class
Timothy Fuller, June 26, 2020
​23rd Class
Connor Dobransky, June 25, 2021
​24th Class
​Ty C. Moon, June 24, 2022